Tokyo News and Twitter killer: Serial killer is given the death penalty in Japan

Tokyo News and Twitter killer: Serial killer is given the death penalty in Japan

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

A brutal serial killer in Japan was sentenced to death despite the best attempts of his legal team to excuse the horrendous crimes committed. He goes by the name of the “Twitter killer.”

His real name is Takahiro Shiraishi and his crimes against humanity are beyond comprehension. This evil twisted individual murdered people gleefully. In total, he killed nine people after meeting all the female victims via Twitter. The female victims were also sexually abused before being murdered.

The BBC reports, “Shiraishi used Twitter to lure suicidal women to his home, saying he could help them die and, in some cases, claimed he would kill himself alongside them.”

Defense lawyers representing the killer tried to argue that the victims desired to die and visited him of their own free will. These words were said despite the murderer admitting that none had given their consent to being sexually abused and then murdered.

Social media platforms are quick to block people if they say minor to extreme things about race. Yet, in 2017, it appears that Twitter tolerated people chatting about suicide in an unbefitting manner.

The gruesome search at the apartment used by the brutal murderer unearthed the remains of eight young ladies and one male in 2017. Police officers and investigators found nine heads and body parts throughout his apartment in Kanagawa.

The presiding judge found him guilty of the crimes he committed despite the best attempts of his defense lawyers for a lesser charge. Hence, the death penalty was announced at a Tokyo District Court.

Twitter would later amend its policy about suicide and other areas.


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