Tragedy in Serbia: ‘Kill List’ before killing school children

Tragedy in Serbia: ‘Kill List’ before killing school children

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The brutal school killing that took place in Belgrade continues to reverberate around a shocked country. It now transpires that the 13-year-old killer had a “Kill List.”

Accordingly, the teenager had a “Kill List” against many fellow students and the school in general before killing eight children and the security guard.

Of the eight children killed, seven were young girls.

One young girl is fighting for her life.

Siniša Dučić, the acting director at the children’s hospital clinic in Tiršova, told RTS and Tanjug journalists, “The girl who underwent emergency surgery yesterday due to head injuries is vitally endangered, in critical condition and in intensive care. The doctors are doing everything to keep her alive, but her general condition is very difficult and she is vitally endangered.”

B92 reports, “He said that the girl’s operation was extremely difficult because it is a serious brain injury, she is vitally endangered and is in intensive care.”

Parents, relatives, friends, and people connected with the school at Vladislav Ribnikar are in complete shock.

The Serbian police have arrested the parents of the child shooter.

The parents are being questioned concerning did they know about the “Kill List,” did they notice the gun missing, and other essential areas – related to the tragedy.

President Aleksandar Vučić of Serbia said: “He waited for a day and prepared for it. He was three times in the shooting range with his father. He shot a circular target, he used a 9mm. According to his peers, he liked it and was a good shooter.”

It is hoped that all children injured – especially the girl fighting for her life – will survive and be supported to overcome such a brutal tragedy.

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