Ukraine Unelected Elites in Kiev Support IMF and Western Takeover

Ukraine Unelected Elites in Kiev Support IMF and Western Takeover

Galina Zobova, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


It is unimaginable that an uprising would occur in the heart of the European Union (EU), whereby demonstrators would demand the EU, IMF, NATO and American encroachment. However, this is the scenario in the Ukraine in Kiev whereby so-called nationalists have been hoodwinked into chaining Western Ukraine into being “a Western basket case.” Therefore, it would appear that something is afoot based on the shadows of outside forces.

Of course, Ukrainians throughout the nation know all about corruption and a very inefficient economic system that needs radical change. Despite this, it is difficult to believe that elites in Kiev that used intimidation and violence – and who are now enslaving the country to Western institutions – are really winning the hearts and minds of the people. After all, major austerity measures and losing control over national sovereignty are hardly vote winners outside the mindset of pro-Western supporters.

The Russian Federation offered a major economic bailout for the Ukraine whereby Moscow would once more support this nation in the area of economics. Irrespective of the merits of the EU and Russian Federation offers prior to mass demonstrations in Kiev, it is clear that opposition to either decision should have come through peaceful demonstrations and then via the ballot box. However, EU encouragement and posturing meant that relations broke down with the Russian Federation and this was followed by political upheaval.

Moving the clock forward and now you have a destabilized nation state that is following on from the usual intrigues of Western powers. In Yugoslavia powerful Western powers decided on dismemberment and taking Kosovo, the cradle of Serbian Orthodox Christianity, away from Serbia in order to hand this area to mainly Muslim Albanians. Other ventures by Western powers in Iraq, Libya and Syria are all too tragic and this notably applies to the enormous loss of life and daily acts of terrorism. Therefore, the same Western powers that supported the demise of Yugoslavia are now the same powers that seek to enforce their diktat on all Ukrainians, even if many individuals in eastern and southeastern Ukraine oppose this Western takeover.

This reality can be seen by the behavior of NATO, the EU and now the role of the IMF whereby these powerful institutions desire to set the tone for the Ukraine. Not surprisingly, the IMF approved a major bailout valued at just over $17 billion, whereby unelected elites in Kiev will need to bow down to new powers in the body politic of the Ukraine.

The US Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew, is obviously pleased by the IMF bailout. He states: Today’s final approval for the $17bn IMF programme marks a crucial milestone for Ukraine…(it will) enable Ukraine to build on the progress already achieved to overcome deep-seated economic challenges and help the country return to a path of economic stability and growth.”

The BBC reports: The IMF loan will also unlock further funds worth $15bn from other donors, including the World Bank, EU, Canada and Japan.”

It is difficult to believe that even anti-Russian nationalists will be happy about major austerity measures and losing sovereignty over the nation state. This reality implies that Western shadows utilized anti-Russian feelings in order to rubber stamp new elites in Kiev, who are far from being what they appear to be. Of course, this dangerous game of a Western takeover is leading to mass internal convulsions but sadly this is part of the reality of Western encroachment.

The Russian Federation is continuing to try and dampen the crisis in the Ukraine by making it abundantly clear that Crimea is unique. Rhetoric and sanctions by America are being met by a muted response from the Russian Federation because clearly Moscow wants the crisis in the Ukraine to peter out. However, while the IMF and Western capital seeks to impose “its will” on the people of the Ukraine based on economics; the other Western half, NATO and the EU, both seek to delve into the geopolitical space of the Russian Federation. If this one way Western traffic continues, alongside unelected elites in Kiev utilizing military arms in order to attack people in eastern and southeastern Ukraine, then sooner or later the Russian Federation will respond more forcibly to events being played out in the shadows. This reality isn’t needed therefore G-7 nations and individual EU member states should open channels genuinely with the Russian Federation in order to solve the crisis in the Ukraine. If not, the alternatives are NATO, US and EU posturing, and a probable further escalation of the crisis in the Ukraine.

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