Malaysia Flight MH370: Blowback from Covert Support of Terrorism, Internal Issue or Mystery?

Malaysia Flight MH370: Blowback from Covert Support of Terrorism, Internal Issue or Mystery?

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The mystery of Flight MH370 continues and the length of time and shoddy investigation all points into the direction of something more murkier. Of course, it is essential to be sensitive because so many grieving people have no answers. This applies to the government of Malaysia and other respective governments that are involved because of having nationals on this ill-fated flight. Instead a terrible tragedy “based on fog” is continuing.

Experts daily are paraded on all mainstream news channels but in truth nobody knows what really happened. Similarly, more serious questions are not being raised given the aloofness of information being provided. However, the longer the mystery continues then the easier to bury the truth.

The above comment is hitting home with many individuals because it appears bizarre that Flight MH370 seems to have escaped the reality of modern technology. Anwar Ibrahim, a powerful opposition leader in Malaysia, is ushering in some home truths. These similar home truths equally apply to major powers that have military vessels throughout the region.  After all, if radar and modern technology can’t pick up Flight MH370; then what does this say for their capabilities in defending themselves from military threats and terrorism – does it provide confidence?

The Daily Telegraph focuses on the senior political opposition figure in Malaysia and reports: In a wide-ranging interview that cast doubt on the official investigation into the disappearance of the plane, Anwar Ibrahim said the country’s “sophisticated” radar system would have identified it after it changed course and crossed back over Malaysia.”

Mr Anwar, who personally knew the pilot of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that went missing in the early hours of March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, called for an international committee to take over the Malaysian-led operation because “the integrity of the whole nation is at stake.”

Anwar makes it abundantly clear that he is baffled by the behavior of the air force of Malaysia and how the high tech Marconi radar system failed. He also states: “We don’t have the sophistication of the United States or Britain but still we have the capacity to protect our borders.”

More alarming, Anwar believes that you have a deliberate “intention to suppress key information.”

It is known, and well documented, that international terrorists from all over the world – many on CIA, MI6, ISI, BND, DGSE, and other security agency lists; have all managed to enter Afghanistan (1980s and early 1990s), Bosnia, Libya and more recently Syria, whereby international terrorists fought (continue to fight in Syria) on the side of Gulf and NATO powers (Pakistan also involved in Afghanistan and other terrorist intrigues against India). However, how did tens of thousands of international jihadists based on Gulf petrodollars and Western intrigues manage to bypass so many passport controls and airline security checks?

In Libya the deaths of Americans also leads to blowback and this applies to the Benghazi attack that ultimately led to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and other American personnel. Likewise, the CIA, MI6, ISI, and other security operatives from Saudi Arabia, all enabled Al-Qaeda and other terrorist forces to grow in power throughout the 1980s and early 1990s in Afghanistan. Even Hillary Clinton doesn’t deny this therefore blowback also applies to the September 11 attacks that killed vast numbers of innocents in America.


It is known that a few individuals without proper documentation easily bypassed the passport controls of Malaysia. Just like NATO Turkey is an open conduit for military weapons and terrorists from all over the world that enter Syria. Indeed, during the Bosnian war America, al-Qaeda and Iran were all on the same side and it is known that flights bypassed so called control mechanisms that were meant to keep military weapons out of the warzone. Likewise, international jihadists that entered Bosnia from distant lands – highlighted in a powerful video by Sky News – easily violated border controls and international passport agencies. In other words, security services, national governments, airline carriers, and so forth, were all involved in helping jihadists to do the bidding of Gulf and NATO powers alongside the intrigues of Turkey.

In Bosnia, just like in Libya when terrorists and NATO powers came together in order to defeat Colonel Gaddafi, it is clear that senior terrorists were involved. Similarly, after the demise of Gaddafi the failed state of Libya would play a powerful role in sending military hardware and jihadists to Syria. This is achievable based on the chaotic situation in Libya whereby Gulf and NATO powers manipulate these vacuums. Could it be that Flight MH370 was subverted by powerful outside agencies – irrespective if this applies to terrorists on board or dangerous cargo involved in something murky?

This doesn’t imply that Flight MH370 was deliberately downed by the “intrigues of powerful security shadows.” On the contrary, the issue is blowback – just like September 11 and the links with terrorist forces throughout the 1980s and early 1990s – and, more recently, the Benghazi attack. Therefore, did something unintended backfire based on false intelligence in relation to either terrorists on board – or in relation to the cargo area? After all, if individuals could bypass the security of Malaysia so easily then why not the cargo area also?

The above may not be valid, at the moment nobody fully knows. It could be international blowback or something more domestic in relation to Malaysia. Either way, nothing makes sense but for vested interests then not finding the missing Flight MH370 does make sense – because the longer it takes to find, the more the truth will be hidden from all and sundry.

What is clear is that the baffling situation continues. Also, the most senior opposition political leader in Malaysia clearly believes that something is afoot within the shadows.

Given the sinister nature of national governments and border controls being bypassed in relation to several conflicts – and continuing today in order to defeat secular Syria; then clearly all questions need to be raised. Likewise, Anwar is indicating that something is amiss within Malaysia. Irrespective if it is international blowback, an internal issue in Malaysia – or a major mystery based on human failing in all directions; it is clear that no pieces of the jigsaw are being put in place at the moment. Why? Hillary Clinton – “We funded Al-Qaeda” – CNN Video

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