UN is alarmed by the cycle of violence in DRC (UN legacy)

UN is alarmed by the cycle of violence in DRC (UN legacy)

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The United Nations (UN) human rights council concerning the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is alarmed by the cycle of ethnic and religious violence.

Eastern areas of this nation are especially blighted. This concerns over 120 different militias – something unique to the DRC. On top of this, some of the most potent forces have ties to regional nations or were formed outside the DRC. For example, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) began in Uganda and then spread to the DRC: the ADF often commits atrocities against Christians.

The UN high commissioner for human rights (Volker Türk) said, “The armed groups, M23, ADF, CODECO, Zaire and Nyatura, continue to carry out egregious attacks against the civilian population and they do this with full impunity.”

He said, “The targeted violence endured by civilians in the conflict-affected areas include sexual violence, sexual violence of extreme brutality. This has historically been used as a deliberate weapon in the DRC and as a strategy of terror.”

In the region of Petit Nord (North Kivu), approximately 900,000 people have fled from the forces of the M23 movement. According to the DRC, Rwanda is supporting the ambitions of the M23. Rwanda denies this. However, statements from several agencies connected to the UN have also condemned Rwanda in the recent push by M23.

France 24 reports, “According to the UN experts’ report, Rwanda’s military intervened to “reinforce” the M23 as well as to combat the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) — a descendant of Rwandan Hutu extremist groups that carried out the 1994 Tutsi genocide in Rwanda.”

Last year, UN forces were also attacked. Protesters condemned the UN for failing to stem instability – and for other held grievances against the UN. Hence, UN forces and facilities were attacked in Beni, Goma, and Butembo.

In other nations, for example, Haiti’s ever-lasting presence of UN agencies resulted in a cholera epidemic that killed thousands, the abuse of women, food for sex, minors raped and impregnated, and endless criminality. Therefore, for many people in Haiti and the DRC, the UN is another negative force that is self-serving – and exploitative.

Thus people vented anger against MONUSCO (UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo).

One person told France 24, “We, the population, are warning MONUSCO to leave our country. We have noticed that since they have been here there has never been peace. That is why we say that we are tired of this MONUSCO.”

The DRC is in crisis. Accordingly, despite UN and regional forces supporting the central government, the violence is spreading. Therefore, for millions of internally displaced people, it is a perennial nightmare that is spiraling out of control.



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