US witnesses 900,000 Covid and 100,000 overdose deaths: Russia, Ukraine, and NATO Turkey

US witnesses 900,000 Covid and 100,000 overdose deaths: Russia, Ukraine, and NATO Turkey

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Homelessness, drug addiction, criminality, and social inequality are nothing new in the United States. Internationally, all nations suffer internal issues to various levels. However, like the handling of the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, the system in this nation is dysfunctional and highlights the fracturing of America. This especially applies because the Democrats under President Joe Biden race-bait at home and endorse the relentless attack on the traditional family. Therefore, Critical Race Theory to gender identity wars is sowing endless division.

The Democrats, despite reaching two grim milestones of 900,000 Covid-19 (coronavirus) deaths and 100,000 drug overdose deaths in a 12 month period last year, is still spreading discord internationally. This notably concerns anti-China rhetoric regarding Taiwan and the China threat regionally throughout the South China Sea region. At the same time, Biden’s administration is inciting against the Russian Federation concerning Ukraine.

Biden’s Democrats put up the LGBT flag in Kabul and showed solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community – then handed Afghanistan on a Taliban plate (Taliban killed members of the LGBT in the past). The same Democrats are also inciting a war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Hence, endless anti-Russian Federation propaganda is being spewed by the Democrats – and this is supported by hardline Republicans who like “a good war.” Therefore, more weapons of death are being sent to Ukraine by America, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and other NATO powers.

Modern Tokyo Times recently said, “During the administration of Donald Trump, he did a rare thing in recent American history. Yes, he didn’t start or instigate a war. Only recently, the Barack Obama administration destabilized Libya and Syria – along with the usual NATO and Middle Eastern powers. The administrations of Bill Clinton and George Bush junior also spread death and misery to several continents. Therefore, the bi-partisan anti-Russian Federation angle in the United States is once more inciting another war – under the administration of President Joe Biden.”

Americans – and individuals in the United Kingdom and other NATO nations – are being sold the anti-Russian Federation mantra. Ironically, nothing is being done about kicking NATO Turkey out of Northern Cyprus – nor did NATO powers step in to stop Turkey from supporting Azerbaijan against Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh (including exporting Islamists and mercenaries to Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh). In other words, Orthodox Christians – just like in the former Yugoslavia – don’t seem to count in Kosovo (the cradle of Serbian Orthodox Christianity), Northern Cyprus, and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Hence, despite ISIS (Islamic State – IS) beheading Alawites, Christians, the Shia, and Sunni loyalists who supported a united Syria: alongside ISIS enslaving and raping the Yazidis – and putting Alawites in cages – concerning Iraq and Syria respectively: images showed ISIS freely using the Turkey-Syria border area. This concerns NATO Turkey supporting various Sunni Islamist sectarian terrorist groups against the government of Syria. President Erdogan of Turkey also helped ISIS to kill Kurds in northern Syria (Kobani and other areas).

All this happened on the watch of the former leader Barack Obama – who also did little to stop the enslavement of black Africans by Arabs after America – and other NATO powers – overthrew Colonel Gaddafi and destabilized this nation. Turkey, like America, is now selling weapons of death to Ukraine while Turkey continues with its anti-Armenian policy that is a continuation of history. However, just like Northern Cyprus was cleansed of Orthodox Christians by Turkey and is still occupied many decades later, this expansionist nation is given a free pass.

Instead, the pro-war brigade (Democrats and Republicans) incites against China and the Russian Federation day after day. This is still happening despite 900,000 coronavirus deaths in America and reaching 100,000 overdose deaths last year for the first time in the history of this nation during a 12 month period.

Homelessness in America is also encroaching more in major cities. Also, unlike Biden being concerned about the border of Ukraine, he appears not too worried about the border of America that remains a shambles and is open to manipulation by drug and human smugglers who make untold wealth out of endless misery. Therefore, the “defund the police Democrats in America” – despite horrendous homicide rates and criminality – are more obsessed by China and the Russian Federation than fixing real problems that exist internally.

Hence, the Democrats increasingly look like a political party that incites internally and externally while negating serious issues that blight the country.

900,000 coronavirus deaths and 100,000 overdose deaths seem to matter little in the world of the politically correct Democrats. Thus despite the vaccine being developed during the late Trump period, coronavirus deaths keep on flowing in America. Likewise, opioid and other drug overdose deaths have reached new highs. However, despite all these horrendous convulsions, the “race card” is being milked by political elites within the Democrats, liberal media, and social media outlets that are sowing more division and inciting.

Dysfunctional America – and the virus of race-baiting and gender identity wars – is leading to the impression that incitement and divisions are the only goals of the Democrats. This applies equally to a fracturing America and seeking a new Cold War involving China and America.

Once America exported “a wholesome culture focused heavily on traditional values.” However, America is now exporting a virus that incites and divides concerning race and gender. Therefore, politically correct convulsions are being felt in France, the United Kingdom, and other nations where race and gender are peddled day after day – film after film – media after media – sport after sport – and within the educational system.

Hence, nations that seek to preserve their social heritage – be it China, Egypt, France, India, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, and so forth – all fear the new “politically correct American virus” that incites and divides.

Despite one million deaths concerning Covid and overdose deaths in America – mainly black African-American children and citizens being killed by African-Americans in drive-by shootings and carjackings in Chicago and other parts of this nation – and a horrendous homicide and criminal rate: it is “defund the police” at home to sending military arms to Ukraine and Taiwan in the hope of inciting more wars.

Dysfunctional America – witnessed in other nations including the United Kingdom to a lesser degree – is the reason behind 900,000 Covid-19 deaths – irrespective of whether people blame the Democrats or Republicans. Hence, despite Japan having a sizeable elderly population, coronavirus deaths are low in this nation because social conformity remains potent.

America needs to reset itself. After all, hard-working Americans don’t deserve such political incompetency. Likewise, the silent majority in America (irrespective of whether the voter is Democrat or Republican) don’t want endless racial and gender divisions to fracture the country.

Overall, any other nation would be shamed by 100,000 overdose deaths in a 12 month period – and 900,000 coronavirus deaths – along with the increasing shadow of homelessness. However, for Biden’s admin, it appears that inciting internally (race and gender) and externally (China and the Russian Federation) is the binding force of this political party.

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