Austria now Following the Example of Hungary: Merkel, Migrants and Genuine Refugees

Austria now Following the Example of Hungary: Merkel, Migrants and Genuine Refugees

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Chancellor Merkel of Germany gave more than a wink to hopeful migrants to flee to Europe because the European Union (EU) was nothing more than an open door in her egotistical mind. This reality made an already complex situation become a smugglers paradise and a nightmare for many European nations. On top of this, Merkel was intent on bullying smaller regional nations into submission based on a quota system and open Europe. Not only this, when it became clear that Merkel’s policies were unleashing chaos then Merkel turned to Turkey – a nation that continues to occupy Northern Cyprus, jails journalists, persecutes the Kurdish minority and enables Takfiri Sunni Islamist terrorist groups to utilize border areas with neighboring Syria. In other words, the anti-European Merkel now promised to give special incentives to the draconian leader of Turkey that would further erode the notion of European identity and culture.

Hungary and Priority Refugees

At first, Hungary was ridiculed for espousing policies based on protecting European identity and border areas. This rebuke was based on Merkel’s whimsical open door policy that appears to be a smugglers, Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabian collective dream. After all, in certain parts of the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt and Coptic Christian persecution) it is clear that Alawite Muslims, various Christian sects, the Shabaks and Yazidis face enormous persecution. Not only this, none of these groups have a majority regional nation to flee therefore it soon became apparent that minorities who needed priority were being thrown on the economic migrant scrapheap. After all, you have over 40 Sunni Muslim dominated nations but somehow Sunni Muslim migrants from nations like Afghanistan (Shia persecuted and women), Pakistan (Ahmadiyya, Christians, Hindus and Shia persecuted) and Morocco (no conflict) were being given preferential treatment based on economic factors – or, they were being viewed equally with groups like the Yazidis who face religious genocide. Despite this, to Merkel nothing mattered at first and the same applies to a compliant and unquestioning liberal and political correct media that rarely delves deeply into serious issues.

Likewise, the mainly Sunni Kurds have a right to be given equal preferential treatment because they suffer persecution and are being targeted by ISIS (Islamic State – IS) in Iraq and Syria. Similarly, the Kurds suffer persecution in Iran and in Turkey but currently Merkel is throwing away her past human rights concerns by turning to anti-Kurdish Erdogan in Turkey. Also, the Kurds don’t have an independent nation therefore this ethnic group needs special support.

Austria, Hungary and Merkel’s Open Door

Given the relentless migration (economic and refugees) movement from certain nations then countries like Austria appear to be more in kin with Hungary rather than Germany. This is a far cry from the start of the crisis when the Chancellor of Austria, Werner Faymann, strongly rebuked Hungary. Indeed, Prime Minister Victor Orban became a person of derision in some political elite and political correct media circles. However, despite certain comments seeming a little extreme by Orban, it soon became apparent that for many silent Europeans he was hitting a right chord. Therefore, by early 2016 it now appears that Austria is more in line with Hungary rather than the egotistical Merkel who is putting enormous strains on her own citizens.

Not long ago the leader of Hungary was being accused of being over the top for merely building a fence along the border with Serbia. Similarly, Orban was rebuked for appearing to be too draconian towards economic migrants who deem it their divine right to enter any nation they desire in Europe. Yet Austria is now resembling Hungary because fences have sprung up to protect the state. Also, political leaders in Austria have made it known that they will only take note of eighty applications from asylum seekers per day.

Deutsche Welle reports Austria made its spectacular political move shortly before a crucial EU summit in mid-February when the country withdrew its efforts to find a common European solution. Vienna then teamed up with a number of eastern EU and Balkan countries to help Macedonia close its border with EU member Greece. Austrians have been angry for a long time about Greece’s policy of “waving through” migrants and refugees. Now, Austria’s policy has set off a domino effect along the Balkan route and the country has simply accepted the fact that people are now stranded in Greece.”

In October last year Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Interior Minister of Austria, used words similarly to Orban in Hungary. Mikl-Leitner said openly “We need to build a European fortress as quickly as possible.” Since then, other politicians in Austria, Poland and Slovakia have stated similar statements.

The leader of Hungary recently lambasted the role of Germany and out of touch bureaucrats within the European Union. According to The Washington Times the leader of Hungary stated that the European Union bureaucrats and Germany’s welcoming culture toward migrants are to blame for Europe’s migrant crisis.”

It remains to be seen if Merkel in Germany will become sidelined internally based on growing discontent within institutions and among Germans who feel alienated. Irrespective of this reality, it is clear that more European nations are turning away from her shockingly naive policies. Therefore, just like genuine refugees are being sidelined and marginalized within Africa (the mainly Christians of the Central African Republic, Coptic Christians in Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and South Sudan) and the Middle East (Alawite Muslims, Christians, Shabaks and Yazidis all need help), it seems that Merkel will continue with her selective economic migration policies, smugglers paradise and Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia dream. In other words, wealthy Gulf powers and other parts of the world are being given a free ride, while Merkel and the political correct are intent on diluting Europe at any cost. This equally applies to ignoring genuine ethnic and religious minorities fleeing persecution because no real priorities are being set by political elites who are out of touch with reality.


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