Brazil and Deaths Reaching Nearly 100 since Military Police went on Strike in Vitoria

Brazil and Deaths Reaching Nearly 100 since Military Police went on Strike in Vitoria

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The crisis in Vitoria, just like beheadings in several prisons in other parts of the nation, is highlighting a Brazil that is on edge in certain parts of this nation. Hence, the murder rate and deaths based on various criminal factors are nearly 100 people after only five days in Vitoria since the military police went on strike. Therefore, local citizens are aghast by the crisis and this equally applies to the major negative knock-on effects.

Military troops have been sent into Vitoria because of lawlessness and the need for the central government to act immediately. Not surprisingly, many local shops and schools remain closed in areas of mass instability. Similarly, health care facilities and other areas of importance are feeling the strain.

Officers have taken strike action because they are disillusioned with frozen wages and a salary that isn’t competitive. In other words, military officers seek real recognition for the work they do. After all, officers are on the frontline in fighting crime, maintaining social order, and making Vitoria tick smoothly. However, monthly pay is inadequate and below the Brazilian national income in terms of average wages.

The BBC reports, Union leader Jorge Leal said residents should not blame the military police for going on strike but the state government for failing to make public security a priority.”

Since the strike began the death toll keeps on is rising in Vitoria and soon it will reach more than 100 people. On top of this, looting is taking place and the fear of violence is real for people on the frontline.

In recent days 1,200 federal forces appear to be grappling with the worse excesses during the first two to three days of the crisis that began. Despite this, the infrastructure is reeling from the crisis and the same applies to the local economy. Therefore, issues related to food, travel, healthcare, and other important areas in Vitoria, need to be addressed while mediation takes place between all relevant parties.

Likewise, issues related to poverty, the income gap between rich and poor, crime, social mobility for individuals from areas of high poverty, narcotics, and other important areas that covers all of Brazil needs to be addressed.

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