Caucasus and Chechen Islamists Continue to Butcher in Syria: NATO Turkey and Intrigues

Caucasus and Chechen Islamists Continue to Butcher in Syria: NATO Turkey and Intrigues

Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


President Obama of America and the leaders of France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, continue to support a mythical “moderate third force” in Syria, despite many past failures. One intriguing source of collective mayhem stems from the Caucasus region in the Russian Federation and Western friendly Georgia that utilize NATO Turkey. Therefore, the constant flows of Caucasus Islamists and Chechens in the diaspora that despise the Russian Federation continue to fight in distant Syria, while negating their respective homelands.

The grand design to redraw the Middle East and North Africa, meant that independent Syria was targeted by international and regional nation states. Yet, while Colonel Gaddafi met his ultimate demise in Libya based on the collective intrigues of NATO powers, Gulf nations, various Islamist terrorist groups and countless militias. It is clear that the same policy is stuck in Syria because of the tenaciousness of the armed forces of Syria, the strong mental resolve of President Bashar al-Assad, support from Iran and the Russian Federation – and other nations opposed to collective NATO and Gulf intrigues – and other regional factors that include Hezbollah in Lebanon and the government of Iraq being opposed to the collective intrigues of Gulf and NATO powers.

Ironically, unlike the Western trained armed forces of Iraq that caved in quickly and needed international air cover to quell ISIS (Islamic State – IS) – along with various Shia militias to save the day for the central government in Baghdad; it is clear that the armed forces of Syria and Hezbollah from Lebanon are fighting tooth and nail against ISIS and other sectarian and terrorist forces. In other words, the armed forces of Syria refuse to capitulate to ISIS, al-Nusra, the Free Syrian Army and other terrorist and sectarian groups. Therefore, like the Russian Federation stipulates, the government of Syria is part of the solution in quelling and defeating ISIS and an array of terrorist groups including al-Qaeda affiliates.

Despite this, and sadly now being replicated in Yemen because anti-Qaeda forces belonging to the Shia Houthis are being bombed by various nations under the leadership of Saudi Arabia; the collective intrigues of Gulf and NATO powers are undermining the armed forces of Syria based on their collective backing of an array of terrorist and sectarian groups. The vacuum therefore being opened in Syria, based on mass destabilization, is a golden opportunity for international Sunni Takfiri jihadists to slaughter.

Not surprisingly, the Chechen and Caucasus Islamist angle is being exploited to the maximum because NATO Turkey is an open terrorist and sectarian conduit. Likewise, Chechen and other Caucasus Islamists have safe havens in Western friendly Georgia. Therefore, the Takfiri Islamist conveyor belt from this part of the world is killing and butchering based on the intrigues of various Gulf and NATO powers.

Another interesting angle is that sectarian Islamists from Chechnya, Dagestan, and in other parts of the Caucasus region of the Russian Federation, are mainly dying in distant lands rather than in their respective homelands. Similarly, Chechens in Georgia are more likely to flock to Syria rather than Chechnya. This reality means that outside Gulf and NATO powers are utilizing NATO Turkey and Western friendly Georgia in order to destabilize Syria. On top of this, it highlights the mercenary angle of Caucasus Islamists and that these Takfiri killers in Syria don’t view NATO powers in a negative sense. After all, NATO Turkey is the conduit that enables Islamist sectarian killers to enter Syria and to seek a haven when under heavy pressure from Syrian government forces – or from Kurdish troops in the case of ISIS.


In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “Why are Chechen and Caucasus Islamists entering Syria in greater numbers given the situation in the Caucasus region of the Russian Federation? After all, the government of President Ramzan Kadyrov of Chechnya is clearly in the ascendancy against Chechen Islamists. Therefore, why are Chechen Islamists flocking to Syria when “their jihad” at home continues to falter compared with the past? Also, why are other Islamists from various regions of the Caucasus entering Syria because you have ongoing problems in many areas, for example in Dagestan (Daghestan) – therefore, what forces are behind this?”

Newsweek reports about past terrorist attacks aimed at the Russian Federation by stating that Chechen terrorist attacks on the Russian civilian population have continued since, reaching a particularly violent phase between 2003 and 2004 when nearly 100 civilians were killed in two separate train bombings while hundreds were killed, including almost 200 schoolchildren, in the siege of a school in the town of Beslan.”

However, the intensity of Chechen and fellow Caucasus Islamists in modern times is mainly aimed at Syria and Iraq, rather than the Caucasus region belonging to the Russian Federation. Not only this, but it appears that parallels link the attacks in Syria with the objectives of Turkey. In other words, the main targets are the Syrian armed forces and the Kurds in northern Syria. Also, prior to the mushrooming of ISIS, it was noticeable that Chechens, in various sectarian groups, appeared to attack major installations of the Syrian armed forces based on the clandestine nature of Gulf and NATO powers.

It is ironic that Al-Qaeda affiliates, ISIS and various Islamist groups in Syria are waging jihad against an independent nation in the Arabic speaking world. After all, if Al-Qaeda and Islamist jihadists are so intent on fighting the West and Israel – then it certainly doesn’t look like it in Syria. On the contrary, in the north you have NATO Turkey and in the south you have Israel – in the middle, so to speak, you have independent Syria. However, international jihadists are not attacking NATO Turkey or Israel; instead, on the auspices of outside powers, they are intent on crushing Syria.


Similarly, international jihadists from Chechnya, Dagestan, and other parts of the Caucasus region, are negating the Russian Federation in order to chase Gulf petrodollars and support the intrigues of major Gulf and NATO powers. This also applies to Chechens and other Caucasus Islamists in the diaspora who reside in Europe. In other words, the roots of their homelands seem distant because now many are involved in slaughtering and killing in Syria and Iraq respectively based on the intrigues of foreign entities.

Of course, the Chechen and Caucasus Islamist terrorist ticking time bomb in Iraq and Syria, may eventually lead to greater attacks in the Caucasus region and throughout the Russian Federation. However, at the moment it does appear that terrorists from this part of the world – and within the Chechen diaspora in Europe and the Middle East – are intent on focusing on Syria and neighboring Iraq. This reality exists because of internal dynamics within various Caucasus societies and because of the role of various international players that seek to defeat the government of Syria by stealth.

The Russian Federation should be worried because clearly Chechen and Caucasus Islamists exist freely within the environment of NATO Turkey, Georgia and throughout Europe. If in the future the Russian Federation was to face Gulf and NATO intrigues, then clearly the Chechen and Caucasus Islamist angle is a major concern given their attachment to foreign intrigues.


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