Cholera Hits Yemen: Reality of the Saudi Arabia led bombing Campaign and Western Indifference

Cholera Hits Yemen: Reality of the Saudi Arabia led bombing Campaign and Western Indifference

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Cholera is now stalking the people of Yemen based on the actions of the Saudi Arabia led alliance and the continuing policy of nations, including America and the United Kingdom, that supply modern military arms to Saudi Arabia. Of course, crocodile tears by the same Gulf and major Western nations that rebuke the government of Syria, are the same players that are destroying the infrastructure of Yemen – be this directly, covertly, politically, or based on military sales. Hence, after so many hospitals and health care centers being destroyed – and serious issues about food, medicine, and sanitation – then cholera is now blighting this nation.

Of course, no issues involving war crimes is being raised in Ankara, London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington, and other capitals of the world. Instead, the feudal monarchy of Saudi Arabia is being supported militarily and politically by the very same nations that ostracize the Russian Federation at the drop of a hat. Therefore, despite the increasing number of civilians dying from the actions of the Saudi Arabia led coalition, little is being done to drag the perpetrators to an international criminal court. Of course, this is based on “the forces of power” implementing this disaster on the people of Yemen.

In the capital of Yemen, a state of emergency has been implemented based on the cholera outbreak. It is known that at least 180 people have perished in the last few weeks alone. On top of this, over 11,000 cholera cases have been reported in recent times according to the Red Cross. This is following on from an earlier outbreak that began last year.

According to the United Nations, approximately two-thirds of the citizens of Yemen have no access to water that is safe to drink. Not surprisingly, the civil war and the bombing campaign of the Saudi Arabia led coalition are creating an utter nightmare for the people of this nation. After all, the infrastructure of Yemen was already weak prior to the anti-Shia nation of Saudi Arabia involving itself based on the support of fellow majority Sunni Muslim nations – and the continuing flow of military arms from America and the United Kingdom.

The BBC reports, Sanaa has been worst hit, followed by the surrounding province of Amanat al-Semah, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says.”

Last week, the WHO stressed alarmingly that less than half of all health facilities in Yemen are functioning to capacity. Of course, Saudi Arabia and other nations should be held accountable for what they are doing to the people of Yemen. However, like usual, important nations that “all bat on the same side” can get away with the intolerable.

The BBC further reports, “Almost 300 hospitals or clinics have been damaged or destroyed in fighting between forces loyal to President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi – who is backed by a Saudi-led multinational coalition – and those allied to the Houthi rebel (Shia) movement.”

In other words, while Muslims continue to enjoy taking a religious pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia – a nation that bans all non-Muslim holy places and persecutes the Shia – the Saudi Arabia led coalition is creating a humanitarian disaster in neighboring Yemen. Cholera being the latest dire consequence of the actions of Saudi Arabia. Yet, this will do little to stem the atrocious policy of Riyadh – nor put off religious pilgrimages to this feudal nation.

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