Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia says Turkey is part of the “triangle of evil”

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia says Turkey is part of the “triangle of evil”

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sweeping changes are on the way in Saudi Arabia under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Hence, increasing rights for women despite the low base, the Crown Prince visiting a Coptic Christian cathedral in Egypt and openly being in a photo with Jesus in the background, creating a new space for culture, and focusing on restructuring the economy. Similarly, in the realm of foreign policy, the Crown Prince is intent on tackling Islamic fundamentalism and challenging the geopolitical intrigues of Iran and Turkey respectively.

Since the Crown Prince began his modernization path events appear to be changing rapidly. Of course, major external issues exist in relation to the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen and the utter devastation of this conflict, supporting anti-Syrian government Islamists in Syria, and the tense Sunni-Shia crisis in several regional nations. Therefore, the Crown Prince is worried about the role of Iran and Turkey given the geopolitical concerns of Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, from a NATO point of view, it is interesting that the Crown Prince is declaring that Turkey, under President Tayyip Erdogan, is part of the “triangle of evil.” The other two culprits, according to the Crown Prince, are Iran and fundamentalist Islamist groups. Hence, with Erdogan being pro-Muslim Brotherhood and seeking a new Islamic caliphate based on the Ottoman Dream, in the sentiments being expressed by the Crown Prince, then Turkey is now firmly in the “triangle of evil.”

The Crown Prince reported by Al-Shorouk, said, “the contemporary triangle of evil comprises Iran, Turkey, and extremist religious groups.” 

Reuters says, His reported comments reflect Saudi Arabia’s deep suspicion of President Tayyip Erdogan, whose ruling AK Party has its roots in Islamist politics and who has Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia says Turkey is part of the “allied his country with Qatar in its dispute with Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states.”

The nations of Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have cut trade and diplomatic links with Qatar. Equally important, the government of Egypt doesn’t trust Erdogan in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey’s foreign policy objectives in Libya and throughout the geopolitical space that concerns Egypt. Therefore, Egypt and Saudi Arabia share a similar concern about Turkey under the current leader of this nation.

American Thinker reports, “Reforming Islam to reconcile it with modern, technological societies based on free will is one of the most important tasks for the world to accomplish.  These moves by MbS (the Crown Prince) make it clear that he is betting his career and indeed his life on accomplishing that task.” 

Of course, it remains to be seen if non-Muslim holy places will be allowed in Saudi Arabia and if apostates – and freethinkers – will be given opportunities. Equally, Saudi Arabia needs to reset its policy objectives in Syria because the main winners of a weakened Syria will be Turkey and Islamist terrorist forces. Also, if Saudi Arabia is concerned about its international image, then a reset is also needed based on a broad church approach to Yemen rather than the military option.

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