Daily Covid deaths in Japan reach a new high under PM Kishida

Daily Covid deaths in Japan reach a new high under PM Kishida

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan is overtly focused on the economic angle of the coronavirus crisis (Covid-19) to the point of irresponsibility. Understandably, Japan is concerned about the economy. After all, three squandered economic decades (mainly) under the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and two decades of static wages. However, Kishida’s decision to put sanctions on the Russian Federation at a time when all nations seek to recover from the coronavirus convulsions of deaths, long-term coronavirus, and the economic and social negativity of this virus – isn’t helping the economy or the quality of life concerning rising prices.

A record high of 343 daily deaths was recorded today in Japan. This follows the other recent record of more than 5,000 people dying in a single month (still one week to go), despite the vaccine program existing before Kishida took office. Therefore, his lack of concern with no emergency measures – or implementing quasi-measures at the height of the crisis – is resulting in over 50 percent of people dying from the coronavirus during his term in office.

On October 4, 2021, Kishida took over the reins of power in Japan. By the period when the coronavirus first entered Japan and until Kishida took power – the death toll was 17,730 (world meters coronavirus website). However, by August 23 this year, the death toll now stands at 37,277. 

Deaths were much lower under the recently murdered Shinzo Abe and his successor Yoshihide Suga. Both former leaders implemented emergency and quasi-emergency measures. These measures were mild compared with nations including Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. Yet, coronavirus numbers did come down after measures were implemented by Abe and Suga. Hence, Kishida’s “do nothing approach” is enabling the virus to spread throughout the country because he is focused on the economic angle to the detriment of vulnerable groups – who are dying in increasing numbers.

Modern Tokyo Times recently said, “Kishida’s approach to the declining Yen rate to the Dollar, increasing death toll from the coronavirus, the growing mountain of debt, and now the Moonies (Unification Church) scandal (many Cabinet members and others with important positions within the LDP have connections to the Moonies), is basically “do nothing” and wait until the storm naturally fades if possible.”

Infections from coronavirus totaled just over 1.7 million before Kishida took office. This figure is now just over 17.3 million. Hence, slightly over 90 percent of all coronavirus cases have occurred under the leadership of Kishida – despite the favorable groundwork done by Abe and Suga. Therefore, Kishida’s overreliance on foreign vaccines – and his over-focus on doubling the military budget despite the mountain of debt – is resulting in the highest deaths and infections under Kishida by a wide margin.

https://stopcovid19.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/en/ – Tokyo Metropolitan Government website for updates about the coronavirus crisis in Tokyo.

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https://covid19japan.com/ – Japan regional coronavirus statistics

https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ World coronavirus statistics


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