EU should charge Nations and Charities for Encouraging Mass Migration: OIC, Free Ride, and Real Refugees

EU should charge Nations and Charities for Encouraging Mass Migration: OIC, Free Ride, and Real Refugees

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The European Union (EU) needs to consider indigenous taxpayers and prioritise genuine refugees from the usurpation by politically correct charities, gullible politicians, smugglers, and creating an EU scapegoat for African nations, Gulf states, the Asia Pacific, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). After all, why is the EU stepping in and providing “a free ride” for many parts of the world?

In truth, charities and the irresponsible response by the EU in bailing out other parts of the world is extremely galling for many Europeans who are being hoodwinked by the mass media, a multi-cultural fallacy that is a Muslim Brotherhood dream, and on the behest of major political parties in certain nations who support an indigenous replacement theory. Indeed, the “new Europe” is collectively destroying itself based on the bones of “liberalism, pro-abortion, destroying traditional family values, and seeking cheap labour to fulfil the globalist agenda.” Therefore, several European nations have severe demographic problems because the politically correct agenda, social engineering, phoney feminism, and mass abortion is playing into the hands of “an agenda” that seeks to radically alter Europe.

It matters not if it is mass immigration from Afghanistan or from Nigeria, the aim is the same, and this applies to all roads for wealthier migrants being a naïve EU. After all, poorer migrants – and genuine refugees – can’t afford the huge economic risks involved. Hence, “phoney migration” is destroying the rights of “genuine refugees.”

In the Middle East and North Africa, yes, in the cradle of the OIC, then what is this institution doing? How proud does Iran and Saudi Arabia feel with their respective Islamic Sharia law states when the vast majority of Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, and others, seek the EU and not fellow majority Muslim nations. Of course, like usual, Lebanon (sizeable Christian minority and possibly an agenda to further weaken the religious dynamics of this nation) and Jordan are paying a high price because these nations need international economic support. Similarly, in the past, prior to the Gulf and NATO destabilisation of Syria, this nation took in mainly Sunni Muslim Palestinians and gave breathing space to Christians fleeing Iraq. However, the OIC overall is not stepping in and providing alternative options – indeed, some Sunni Islamists in nations like Saudi Arabia and Turkey see a great chance in altering the religious dynamics of Europe and like usual the politically correct in the EU are in denial.

Mass immigration in Africa is on the ashes of the destabilisation of Libya by Gulf and NATO powers because this nation is a smugglers paradise that is being utilised by “fake refugees.” Equally, this reality is based on the irresponsibility of charities encouraging mass migration along with the mass media that fails to show the real picture. Hence, politically correct charities are fueling the slavery of black Africans in Libya by Arab militias and smugglers alike. Likewise, the deaths of untold numbers trying to enter Europe are based on the hands of smugglers, a naïve EU, and politically correct charities that are encouraging this reality. Therefore, they all have blood on their hands because they are part of a chain that is encouraging mass immigration.

It is noticeable that priority isn’t being given to genuine refugees like the Alawites, Christians in the Middle East, the Druze, Yazidis, and others, who all face genocide at the hands of Sunni Islamist Takfiris. After all, the Yazidis have no majority nation state to flee to based on the faith they hold. Similarly, no majority Christian or Druze nation exists in the Middle East. Equally, inside Syria, the Alawites are a distinctive minority that faces annihilation at the hands of ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and other sectarian forces – and similarly, they have no majority nation state to escape religious persecution. Meanwhile, in Western Sahara where many reside in refugee camps, to Palestinians who permanently reside in refugee camps in several nations, to the skin and bone of many South Sudanese, these marginalised remain just that. This reality is based on “fake refugees” from other parts of the world who are abusing the EU system and the blatant lies of the politically correct and the mass media.

In nations including America and the United Kingdom, can they seriously claim that around 23 percent of refugees from Syria are Alawite, Druze, or Christian? No, instead, the mainly Sunni Muslim exodus from Syria – with countless majority Sunni Muslim nations existing throughout the region – is the main religious benefactor. Likewise, in Pakistan the Hindus have been cleansed, Shia Muslims suffer terrible persecution at the hands of Sunni Islamist Takfiris, and Christians face institutional hatred and the threat of being singled out based on faith. Despite this, in the United Kingdom, it is mainly Sunni Muslims from Pakistan that gains from these estranged policies. Therefore, what about genuine refugees fleeing religious persecution and whereby their options are extremely limited – or why mainly male migrants from Afghanistan when females suffer institutional and other forms of discrimination?

It is high time for prioritising “genuine refugees” including the Alawites, Yazidis, the Christians of the Middle East, the Druze, and others that have no majority nation state to flee and escape religious persecution. At the same time, the EU must challenge the ineptness (and religious and political motivations of the OIC) of the OIC and equally stop giving a free ride to African nations and the Asia Pacific. Indeed, certain nations that are tolerating the mass exodus of economic migrants should be forced to pay economic penalties by the EU. Likewise, politically correct charities and smugglers should be held accountable for encouraging migrants to take enormous risks based on irresponsible behaviour by the first named, and the money orientated parasites of the last named.

Overall, how many Alawites, Christians, and Yazidi refugees from the Middle East and Africa have been given passports in Saudi Arabia and Iran in recent times? Equally, how many economic migrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East have been taken in by China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and other regional nations? In other words, it is high time for the EU to behave in the interest of the indigenous populations of Europe, while prioritising the real need of genuine refugees that are permanently at the back of the queue.

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