Iran Unveils New Hypersonic Missile (Israel)

Iran Unveils New Hypersonic Missile (Israel)

Murad Makhmudov, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran attended a ceremony that unveiled the creation of a “hypersonic” missile. Accordingly, along with Iran’s drone technology and other modernization angles of the armed forces, it is yet another milestone for this country.

Raisi said, “Today we feel that the deterrent power has been formed… This power is an anchor of lasting security and peace for the regional countries.”

According to Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the Aerospace Chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, the new hypersonic missile can bypass “THAD, ARO, Patriot, Aegis, GBI, Iron Dome, Flakhan Dawood, and Barak.”

He continued, “The precision-guided Fattah hypersonic missile has a range of 1,400 km and it is capable of penetrating all defense shields.”

Israel naturally responded to the claims of Iran.

Accordingly, Yoav Gallant, the Defense Minister of Israel, said: ”I hear our enemies boasting about weapons they are developing… To any such development, we have an even better response – whether it be on land, in the air, or in the maritime arena, including both defensive and offensive means.”

Gallant continued, “We will know how to protect the citizens of Israel, and how to strike our enemies with a crushing blow if, God forbid, they start a war against us.”

Iran claims that the hypersonic missile can bypass the Iron Dome (the air defense system of Israel). Yet, this seems misplaced. After all, the Iron Dome is focused on intercepting short-range and medium-range rockets – that are incoming. Also, the Iron Dome can be utilized against small drones and artillery shells. Therefore, the Iron Dome isn’t aimed at systems like the new hypersonic missile unveiled by Iran.

The Times of Israel reports, “Israel’s Arrow 3 long-range missile defense system would likely be used in such a case, as it is meant to intercept ballistic missiles while they are still outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.”

Irrespective of skepticism by America and some European nations about the claims of Iran. It would be foolhardy to ignore Iran’s military modernization.

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