Japan Art and Bunya Ioki: Boats and Water

Japan Art and Bunya Ioki: Boats and Water

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Bunya Ioki (1863-1906) was born during the late Edo Period. Accordingly, he was influenced by the dramatic events of the Meiji Period (1868-1912).

Unlike the traditional art forms and printing of ukiyo-e of his native Japan, he focused on watercolors. Hence, despite Ioki’s knowledge of the famous art schools of Kano and Tosa – and his knowledge of ukiyo-e, rinpa, and other art forms that dominated the Edo Period – he focused on new artistic forms that increased in influence during the Meiji Period.

In the first two art pieces by Ioki, the fusion of boats, houses, trees, and water works magically. Indeed, the night scene especially stands out in the first art piece.

Above, the beauty of Mount Fuji is a lovely backdrop. Accordingly, one can imagine the inner peace that this landscape generates.

Other Meiji artists inspired by Western-style art include Asai Chū, Jirokichi Kasagi, Kawamura Kiyoo, Shotaro Koyama, Kuroda Seiki, Hiroshi Yoshida, and Takahashi Yuichi.

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