Nigeria and another massacre of Christians by Muslims

Nigeria and another massacre of Christians by Muslims

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

Christians in Nigeria are being killed by various Muslim forces – from Islamic terrorist groups to ethnic massacres by the Fulani aimed at Christians. The only consistency in Nigeria is that fresh massacres will follow – and the international media is downplaying the crisis by taking the “anti-Christian” element out.

Reports claim approximately 40 people were killed by Muslims in Plateau state. Accordingly, Christians were killed in three villages. The binding force in this attack was the anti-Christian dimension and ethnic angle.

Voice of America reports (doesn’t mention Christian persecution in the article), “Many villagers remained unaccounted for Tuesday evening after the attack in Plateau state, residents said. It was the latest incident in a spiral of violence mainly targeting remote communities in the West African nation.”

Christian Solidarity International reports, “Since 2016, Islamist-inspired Fulani militias have stepped up their brutal attacks across swathes of central and southern Nigeria, laying waste to mainly Christian villages, killing the villagers or driving them from their ancestral homes. It is a campaign that is increasingly taking on the character of ethnic cleansing.”

In the north of Nigeria, Islamist terrorist groups continue to kill innocents.

The National Catholic Register reports, “More Christians are killed for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country worldwide — at least 4,650 in 2021, and nearly 900 in the first three months of 2022 alone.”

Lee Jay Walker says: “If Sunni Islamist groups claim responsibility – for example, Boko Haram or ISIS (Islamic State in West Africa Province) – then the Islamist angle can’t be taken out. However, Nigerian authorities – and the media – often use “bandit” and “motorbike gang attacks” concerning Bello Turji loyalists and others.”

Turji requested that all Christian churches be closed in the state of Zamfara. Hence, the utilization of “bandit” is a mass distortion internally and externally by the politically correct media – and the government that fears sectarianism.

Turji wrote, “I want the Emir of Shinkafi, the governor of Zamfara and the president, to look up to Allah and his Prophet.”

The Catholic Bishop Emmanuel Badejo said (last year – aimed at the leader of Nigeria), “How many more must die? Does life really have any value anymore with you?”

Nigeria is continuing to follow the endless path of death, ethnic massacres, Islamic terrorism, and political corruption.

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