Japan Art and Nomura Yoshimitsu

Japan Art and Nomura Yoshimitsu

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Nomura Yoshimitsu (1870-1958) was born during the early Meiji Period. He focused on shin hanga (new prints) printmaking in the environs of Kyoto.

He can trace his artistic roots to his father and grandfather. Accordingly, they taught him various aspects of traditional Japanese art before he set off on the shin hanga path that became popular in the early twentieth century.

Nomura Yoshimitsu created a six-set series during the early Showa Period. This set naturally focused on Kyoto and was titled Kyoraku meisho (famous places of Kyoto).

Overall, very little is known about Nomura Yoshimitsu. However, his series Kyoraku meisho – and other works – provide insights into the environs of Kyoto: while preserving the artistic traditions of past members of his family.

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