Japan continues to support the efforts of Iran to implement the nuclear deal: US and Japan

Japan continues to support the efforts of Iran to implement the nuclear deal: US and Japan

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Japan reiterated its support of Iran to fully implement the international nuclear deal. Hence, during the meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Iran and Japan in Singapore, the Japanese counterpart Taro Kono expressed to Javad Zarif that Japan recognizes Iran’s effort to implement the nuclear deal. Therefore, unlike the administration of President Donald Trump of America, the government of Japan is taking the majority view.

The nuclear agreement that brought together America, China, France, Germany, Iran, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom is now being put under great strain because of the Trump administration. This is based on America not accepting the sincerity of Iran and the administration believing that countless flaws exist. Despite this, Japan continues to support the approach being taken by Iran in implementing the agreement.

Often, America and Japan are on the same page in the international arena. Yet, when it comes to sensitive areas related to energy issues and Israel, then Japan is more independent based on natural self-interest. Indeed, in recent times the economic tariff angle of the Trump administration is equally emboldening China and Japan to move closer together. Therefore, Japan is taking a pragmatic approach and furthering its goodwill to other powerful international nations, outside the usual rubber stamp approach in appeasing America.

Trump, appealing to the electorate who voted for him, is gradually entrenching his own international agenda within the administration. Hence, it was expected that Trump would eventually pull out of the international nuclear agreement.

He said, “This was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made.”

Trump continued, in the knowledge that Israel and Saudi Arabia would support the approach being taken by America, by further lambasting the deal. He uttered, “It didn’t bring calm, it didn’t bring peace, and it never will.”

Despite this, Japan is gradually taking a more nuanced and international approach outside of supporting America in important areas. In recent times, this applies to international trade, the Iran nuclear deal, and environmental issues.

Of course, America and Japan relations are strong in countless areas and political elites in Tokyo still support the majority of America’s geopolitical goals. Yet, the unpredictability of the Trump administration and the independent approach being taken by America is causing some concerns in the corridors of power in Japan. Therefore, with Japan favoring cordial relations with Iran and supporting the international consensus view, it is clear that differences between Tokyo and Washington exist – even if the importance of America remains pivotal to Japan.

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