Japan Earthquake: Approximately 20,000 Still Living in Poor Conditions

Japan Earthquake: Approximately 20,000 Still Living in Poor Conditions

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

Deaths from the 7.6 earthquake that hit central Japan have now reached 222. On top of this, some people in Ishikawa prefecture remain unaccounted for.

Also, approximately 20,000 people reside in desperate makeshift homes during the winter period on the Noto Peninsula. This includes living in community centers, school gymnasiums, and other makeshift accommodation.

Just shy of 15,000 vulnerable people have been relocated to inns and hotels.

Approximately 500 people remain stranded in Noto, Wajima, and Suzu despite the earthquake happening on January 1. Also, over 50,000 households are still blighted by water shortages – concerning power failure.

The majority of deaths have happened in Suzu (99), Wajima (88), and Anamizu (20).

Labor shortages before the disaster entailed that people were left to fend for themselves in the early period after the earthquake struck. Accordingly, early support mechanisms concerning the delivery of food, water, and other essentials were poor.

Some strong voices have stated that nothing was learned from the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake.

Lee Jay Walker says, “While ordinary Japanese people struggle, the Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa – under the auspices of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida – visited Ukraine to announce drone detection systems. However, ordinary people in her native Japan struggle to survive because of the earthquake.”

The makeshift evacuation centers and slow response mechanisms entail that outbreaks of influenza, norovirus, and COVID-19 are increasing.

Lack of clean water is also hindering hospitals in Noto.

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