Japan keeps a low profile in the Skripal case against Russia: Moscow should focus on the Asia Pacific

Japan keeps a low profile in the Skripal case against Russia: Moscow should focus on the Asia Pacific

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Anti-Russian Federation politicians based throughout the Northern Hemisphere accuse the Russian Federation of all things under the sun. Indeed, the media circus of Russophobia follows naturally. Hence, it is high time for the Russian Federation to focus more vigorously on the Asia Pacific and other parts of the world. After all, until a compliant leader of the Russian Federation emerges, then the same Western pattern will continue despite no evidence being provided.

Once more, Japan stands out among the most economically powerful democratic nations in the world. In other words, Japan isn’t jumping on the anti-Russian Federation bandwagon with regards to the Skripal affair. Hence, major powers throughout the Asia-Pacific and in other parts of the world are not following the Western bandwagon. This, in itself, should re-double the efforts of the Russian Federation to look further afield, just like China and other nations who are disillusioned with endless Western hypocrisy (from Agent Orange to destabilizing countless nations in several continents while ignoring international law).

The Skripal chemical case in the United Kingdom was decided at the drop of a hat by Prime Minister May. This is a far cry from knowing the ratlines involved in the September 11 terrorist attack, the alleged involvement of the Russian Federation in the last election in America, and a ray of other important issues, that remain unsolved. Indeed, it is this fact that alarms the political elites in Moscow because no evidence is forthcoming at the moment.

Japan, despite taking issue with the Russian Federation after the crisis on the Crimea Peninsula and in parts of South-eastern Ukraine, did so based on a soft approach. Hence, unlike other G-7 nations that rebuked the actions of the Russian Federation strongly, it became apparent that the political elites in Tokyo didn’t want to follow suit. After all, Japan and the Russian Federation need to find a mutual solution to the territorial dispute between both nations.

Equally important, the Russian Federation is blessed with having extremely positive relations with China and India respectively. On top of this, the military outreach of the Russian Federation includes Myanmar and Vietnam. Therefore, this important “military space” and “geopolitical space” of the Russian Federation can’t be ignored by Japan. Also, the Russian Federation is known to have important back channels with North Korea.

It could well be that Japan takes note of major Western powers and involves itself in a rash judgment towards the Russian Federation. Even so, just like Japan’s reluctance over the issue of Ukraine, it is known in Moscow that Japan isn’t involved in anti-Russian Federation policies.

Overall, the Russian Federation should focus on important geopolitical concerns outside of Western Europe and North America, until nations behave more appropriately towards the Russian Federation. Of course, economic trade and energy issues with Western nations will remain of utmost importance to the political elites in Moscow. However, this nation should restructure its priority towards the Asia Pacific and much further afield until major Western powers can be trusted to be honest brokers.

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