Mali Condemns UN Report in Fight Against Terrorism (Libya and NATO)

Mali Condemns UN Report in Fight Against Terrorism (Libya and NATO)

Sawako Utusumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Leading NATO powers (America, France, and the United Kingdom) supported insurgents in Libya to oust Colonel Gaddafi in Libya (2011). The combined bombing campaign of these NATO powers and insurgents on the ground entailed that Gaddafi was brutally killed by his captors.

Since this period, the deterioration of the Sahel region is continuing. This concerns Islamic terrorism, ethnic issues, and the demise of the economic magnet of Libya for regional nations – and workers.

Former President Barack Obama sanctioned the Libya debacle. The Boston Globe reported (2020), “That attack, in which the United States played a key role, may now be ranked among the most recklessly self-defeating military interventions of the 21st century. It was sold as “humanitarian intervention,” but wound up producing a human rights disaster. It turned Libya, once one of the most stable and prosperous countries in Africa, into a failed state and breeding ground for terror. In nearby countries, it has nourished a generation of murderous militias. The coup in Mali shows that after-effects of the Libya attack are still reverberating.”

ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and several branches of al-Qaida roam vast regions of the Sahel. Hence, millions of people have fled parts of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and other nations linking West Africa (Nigeria).

A report by the United Nations (UN) is tainted by natural bias. After all, three permanent members of the UN destabilized Libya – which in turn led to greater instability throughout the Sahel region.

Voice of America reports, “Mali’s military junta on Saturday denounced as fictitious and biased a United Nations report that said the army and foreign fighters executed at least 500 people during a 2022 anti-jihadi operation.”

Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga – the government spokesperson for Mali – denounced the UN report.

He said, “No civilian from Moura lost their life during the military operation.”

Colonel Maiga continued, “Among the dead, there were only terrorist fighters.”

Mali is also shocked by the surveillance tactics of the UN. It transpires – and without Mali government permission – that the UN investigators have utilized satellites in the Moura region to obtain information.

The Russian Federation – known for having cordial relations with the leaders of Mali – also rejects the accusations of what happened in Moura.

Maria Molodtsova, the UN Russian Federation envoy, said the military operation “contributed to peace and tranquillity” and was aimed at terrorists.

The transitional government in Mali became disillusioned by the role of France and developed stronger ties with the Russian Federation. Burkina Faso and other nations are also moving closer to the Russian Federation and further away from France.

The African Union, regional nations, and the international community need to assist Mali in its fight to preserve the unity of the nation-state.

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