Marine Le Pen (National Rally) Won the Most Votes and Lost

Marine Le Pen (National Rally) Won the Most Votes and Lost

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Marine Le Pen (President of the National Rally in the National Assembly) witnessed the connivance of Emmanuel Macron (President of France – Ensemble bloc) and the New Popular Front (Far-Left to Communists and Ecologists).

The New Popular Front and Ensemble made a deal by withdrawing candidates and boosting the other party to defeat the pro-French party of the National Rally.

This tactic – far from the democratic ideal of first past the post on merit (or seats being allocated based on proportional representation) entailed that the party with the most votes came third concerning the number of seats. Naturally, the politically correct – and anti-indigenous and globalist press glossed over this. Therefore, headlines of the National Rally coming third (despite winning the most votes) utilized manipulative language – to rubber-stamp the connivance of Macron and the Far-Left (Macron is pro-NATOthe Far-Left is?).

Marine Le Pen said, “The spectacle of all these politicians pushing themselves to get themselves appointed Prime Minister is appalling.”

She continued, “The only party that is worthy is the one that came first in this second round of the legislative elections, with 37% and 10 million votes.”

The National Rally won 37.1% of the vote compared to 26.3% for the New Popular Front and 24.7% for Ensemble.

Yes, the National Rally won over 3 million more votes than the New Popular Front. However, the National Rally won fewer seats than both blocs that came second and third.

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party won a landslide victory with a smaller size of the electorate vote than the National Rally in France. This highlights the connivance of Macron and the Far-Left – and the manipulation of the political system to usurp “the voice of the electorate.”

Marine Le Pen said, “Today, we find ourselves in a quagmire since no one is able to know from what rank the prime minister will come, or what policy will be pursued for the country.”

She continued, “To say the least, this is not a great success for Emmanuel Macron.” 

Macron utilized the Far Left to keep the National Rally from obtaining power. Now he seeks to split the New Popular Front.

Sébastien Chenu (National Rally Vice-President) – concerning the probe on Marine Le Pen – said, “This is yet another form of persecution.”

He continued, “The system is determined to persecute us and try to prevent us from gaining access to power by any means, even by those that are rather anti-democratic.”

France 24 reports, “President Macron said France’s next government would need to be built by “republican forces” supportive of the rule of law, France’s role in the European project, national independence and parliamentary rule.”

The “rule of law” – from the party that came third in terms of votes – highlights “the new democracy” of the so-called “progressives.” It is based on preserving power at all costs.

The globalists are obsessed with mass immigration, gender confusion, and erasing the influence of Christianity. This is witnessed in America under the Democratic Party – to all mainstream parties in the United Kingdom where the indigenous are a declining 37% minority in London. Therefore, the National Rally seeks to preserve the culture of France, restore sovereignty, and reduce mass immigration.

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