New US weapons to kill Russians: Putin, no red lines – Japan and South Korea

New US weapons to kill Russians: Putin, no red linesJapan and South Korea

Murad Makhmudov, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation isn’t issuing any red lines to America, the United Kingdom, and other NATO powers that are sending military hardware to Ukraine – with the administration of President Joe Biden declaring war by proxy while utilizing NATO nations to rubber stamp America’s ambitions. Thus an endless supply of more sophisticated weapons is being sent to nationalist forces in Ukraine. Therefore, it is surprising that Russians and pro-Russian non-ethnic groups in Donbass (Donbas)- and the surrounding environs – along with indigenous Russian forces in this region and the armed forces of the Russian Federation are being allowed to be killed by the deeds of America, the United Kingdom, and other NATO powers without the fear of any retaliation.

Moderation is coming from the Moscow camp and not the Washington camp. Likewise, petty racism in Europe and North America against Russians is the order of the day – from proposed bans on Russians entering the country to mocking Russian culture via endless propaganda. Alongside this, America, Japan, the United Kingdom, and others seek to humiliate the Russian Federation. This concerns sporting and cultural boycotts and utilizing any angles that are possible.

The last three Democratic Party leaders (Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden) notoriously supported endless wars. This concerns direct intervention or supporting proxies. Of course, no boycotts against America and no sanctions on this nation. Hence, the convulsions of America – and fellow allies, notably the United Kingdom – continue. Therefore, failed states after America intervened continue to relate to ongoing death, slavery (Iraq and Libya), destroyed infrastructures, poverty, mass immigration, terrorism, sectarianism, women in chains, religious minorities fleeing, and other brutal deeds in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and so forth.

Concerning Ukraine and the Donbass (Donbas) region, America announced another shipment of military arms to Ukraine to bolster attacks against Russians and pro-Russian ethnic groups indigenous to the region. Thus recent Ukraine attacks against Crimea – abetted and assisted by America, the United Kingdom, and other NATO powers – are a warning that the situation will engulf other parts of the Russian Federation. Hence, with Putin not having any current red lines, America is emboldened by such weakness because political elites in Washington seek to spread the conflict irrespective of what Moscow desires.

Voice of America reports, “The Pentagon on Friday confirmed it was readying the package — the 19th from the U.S. in the past year — complete with more ammunition for Ukraine’s 16 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, anti-armor systems and rounds, anti-radar missiles and mine-clearing capabilities.”

A Defense official from the Pentagon said, “These are capabilities that are enhancing the Ukrainians’ mobility as they look at this very challenging environment in southern Ukraine in particular.”

The Russian Federation Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, blamed America and the United Kingdom for increasing the crisis to a dangerous level.

Reuters reports, “Shoigu also alleged Ukrainian military operations were being planned by the United States and Britain, and that NATO had increased its troop deployment in eastern and central Europe “several times over.”

The new leader of South Korea, President Yoon Suk-yeol, is extremely pro-America similar to President Fumio Kishida of Japan. Hence, South Korea announced a framework military agreement with Poland to supply 1,600 tanks and howitzers – and approximately 50 military fighter jets. Therefore, even in Northeast Asia, the situation is changing because Japan and South Korea notice the meek response of the Russian Federation.

Reuters reports, “South Korean and Polish officials signed a framework agreement on Wednesday in Warsaw in a deal that Poland says is a key part of their efforts to rearm in the face of the war in Ukraine, where it has sent at least $1.7 billion in military aid.”

According to the Defense Minister of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak, South Korea was the only nation that could provide such important military hardware fast enough.

Blaszczak uttered, “It is extremely important that the first deliveries of howitzers and tanks will take place this year.”

America – and other NATO powers – continue to fight a proxy war against the Russian Federation. South Korea, noting the weakness of the Russian Federation, isn’t concerned about supplying weapons to another anti-Russian Federation nation (Poland). After all, under Putin, even the energy pipelines in Sakhalin haven’t been closed to Japan.

Yoshimasa Hayashi, the Foreign Minister of Japan, in a veiled threat to the Russian Federation, said, “Russia’s aggression needs to go down in history as a clear failure, otherwise it is inevitable that other countries will follow Russia and attempt to change the status quo by force.”

The BBC reports, The UK is increasing its military support for Ukraine, doubling the number of long-range multiple rocket launchers it has provided from three to six... total package of military support given to Ukraine has reached £2.3bn ($2.8bn) so far.”

Obviously, the enemies of the Russian Federation have different red lines than Putin. Hence, NATO powers are killing Russian soldiers and civilians by stealth – while G7 nations, the European Union, Japan, and South Korea support sanctions on the Russian Federation.

Despite this, Putin seeks to contain the crisis in areas that cover Russians and non-ethnic Russians in the Donbass (Donbas) region and the surrounding environs who fear Ukrainian nationalism. However, even Crimea is coming under attack while more NATO weapons enter Ukraine – and now South Korea is boosting the armed forces of Poland.

This begs the question, why?

Is the Russian Federation so confident that it can overcome the situation single-handedly? If so, then Putin’s meekness makes sense because he is looking to the future when gradual normalization will return based on the law of economics.

However, if he is wrong – then the armed forces of the Russian Federation are having their hands tied.

Likewise, will America and NATO powers overstretch themselves and unleash forces they can’t contain? Similarly, can nations in the European Union continue to suffer from the economic convulsions of the conflict?

Also, if the Russian Federation does incorporate areas populated by Russians and non-ethnic Russians that support Putin after the war ends – then Japan’s foreign policy of supporting America to an extreme under Kishida will be in tatters.

At the moment, nobody really knows the future outcome! This especially applies to the containment of the ongoing conflict.

Borders between the Russian Federation and Ukraine will likely change because the Russian Federation will cement areas – that are pro-Russia. This concerns history, linguistics, culture, and ethnicity. Yet, will the war unleash convulsions in other parts of Ukraine and other parts of the world?

The Russian Federation under Putin seeks to contain the conflict in areas of concern. However, the Biden administration – and nations including the United Kingdom – are pushing too many buttons that might unleash a wider war.


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