Niger hit by two village massacres by suspected Takfiri Islamists

Niger hit by two village massacres by suspected Takfiri Islamists

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Two villages in Niger were attacked by suspected Takfiri Islamists in the west of the country. The death toll is reported to be approximately 100 people. Therefore, the massacres that took place in these two villages highlight the fragile security that exists in this country.

Indeed, ethnic and Sunni Islamist bloodletting throughout the Sahel region is a nightmare for the entire region. After all, Takfiri Islamists thrive on weakened nation-states and internal animosity.

Voice of America reports, “The two villages are about 120 kilometers north of the capital, Niamey, in the Tillabéri region, bordering Mali and Burkina Faso. This region known as “the three borders” has been regularly targeted for years by jihadi groups.”

The Prime Minister of Niger, Brigi Rafini, confirmed that many people were killed in the villages of Tchombangou and Zaroumdareye. He hinted strongly that jihadists are responsible for the brutality that took place.

Rafini uttered, “This situation is simply horrible… but investigations will be conducted so that this crime does not go unpunished.”

The BBC reports, “As part of efforts to quell the violence, France has been leading a coalition of West African and European allies against Islamist militants in the Sahel.”

It is essential that the international community supports the Sahel region because this part of Africa faces many daunting problems. This relates to poverty, unemployment, limited infrastructures, ethnic tensions, food scarcity, Islamist terrorism, the mass displacement of people, and a plethora of other problems that often overlap.

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