Paranoid Biden and China: Challenges all over the world (Russia)

Paranoid Biden and China: Challenges all over the world (Russia)

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Democratic Party is no different than the Republican Party when it comes to warmongering and pushing geopolitics and American dominance all over the world. Hence President Joe Biden and his war machine administration – the defense budget will be $858 billion this year – confronts China and the Russian Federation with a hostility not seen in decades.

Biden called for cross-party unity during his State of the Union address aimed at China.

He warned China, “But make no mistake about it… As we made clear last week, if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country, and we did.” This refers to the recent surveillance balloon from China that entered America’s airspace.

Biden continued, “Let’s be clear: winning the competition with China should unite all of us. We face serious challenges across the world.”

Yes, according to the warmongers in America – Democrat and Republican alike – the entire backyard apart from the border of America is the entire world.

Voice of America reports, “The president also promoted his administration’s policies that are increasing trade restrictions on some high-tech equipment, saying those policies are aimed at ensuring advanced technologies “are not used against us.”

Similar to the ongoing military events in Europe. It appears that America is utilizing the goodwill of the European Union, Canada, Japan, and others to boost American economic gains. This spans the spectrum of energy to semiconductors and microchips. Therefore, instead of an open market, America is utilizing its geopolitical power to demand conformity from allies.

Mao Ning, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said, “However, we are opposed to defining the entire China-U.S. relations by competition. It is beneath a responsible country to use competition as a pretext to smear other countries and restrain their legitimate right to development, even at the expense of global industrial and supply chains.”

America claims it wants lines of communication open with China and the Russian Federation. However, America is sending tens of billions worth of military arms to kill Russians, increasing the military strength of Taiwan, and utilizing military bases throughout Asia and Europe aimed at China and the Russian Federation.

Naturally, to the world order based on the whims of Washington, even killing and arming nations against China and the Russian Federation should be deemed permissible according to the “exceptionalism of America.”

In the last two years, 200,000 people have died from an overdose in America under Biden. Also, the border remains problematic, mass shootings, high homicide and crime-ridden cities, serious homeless issues – and race-baiting to gender identity politics are sowing internal cultural and political divisions. Therefore, this “exceptionalism of America” is a mirage for tens of millions of Americans.

Hence, this dysfunctional nation with enormous debt seeks to reinvigorate itself related to the war machine – while closing down open economic competition based on endless anti-China sentiments.

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