PM Mitsotakis of Greece Wins Election Mandate

PM Mitsotakis of Greece Wins Election Mandate

Noriko Watanabe and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece won a clear mandate from the electorate. Accordingly, the Predator (spyware) and phone bugging scandal are but a distant memory for many ordinary people in Greece.

New Democracy (his party) won over 40% of the vote. Naturally, the European Union elites – and President Joe Biden of America – will be happy with the election result.

Mitsotakis uttered, “I cannot promise miracles, but I will remain true to my duty… to be committed, diligent, and humble.”

The BBC reports, “Under Greek rules for a second election, the biggest party is awarded a bonus of between 20 and 50 seats. With more than 40% of the vote, New Democracy won all 50.”

Historically, Greece and the Russian Federation have cordial relations concerning Orthodox Christianity. However, the Harvard-educated Mitsotakis is anti-Russian Federation and firmly in the Biden camp.

Voice of America reports, “A Harvard-educated former banker, Mitsotakis crushed his leftist rival, Alexis Tsipras, by 22 percentage points. In a victory speech, Mitsotakis vowed to get back to work fast.”

Voting turnout was low. Hence, eight political parties obtained the 3% electorate threshold to be represented in the legislature system of Greece.

The three nationalist and ultra-conservative parties (Spartans, Greek Solution, and Niki) won approximately 13% of the vote.

The Guardian reports, “The pro-Russian, ultra-nationalist Greek Solution party won 4.5, % while Niki, a social conservative, religious force set up to contest the May poll, squeezed through with 3.7%.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “Turkey sought to push an untold number of migrants to Greece. However, Mitsotakis stemmed the crisis quickly in 2020. Accordingly, anti-mass immigration and national security favor more conservative parties – unlike in the United Kingdom, where mass immigration continues irrespective of who is in political power.”

Overall, the electorate voted for conservative fiscal policies – and for parties that seek a solution to the immigration crisis – that blight several European countries.

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