Poetry: Virtue and hope crushed by this cold earth

Poetry: Virtue and hope crushed by this cold earth

Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times


In this cold earth are times of my yesteryear

Once signs of hope and passing the family key

Never to know that the small patter of feet would be taken from thee


Age bedeviled my body and mind

Hence, each day became a painful grind

Fleeting memories fragmenting like a failed jigsaw

In a distant mirror, I sometimes saw little hands and bright smiles

Yet, in another mirror, I remember the horror when the branch fell

Never to see again, never to feel, never to glow with joy


So with each New Year, my fading memory struggled

My body weakened, my soul tormented

All hope fading because the fear of death was encroaching

Now in the fog of time, the little feet became further eroded

Hope, joy, lust for life, all but a distant time

Then the sensation of inner death grew stronger


Soon only fear would be followed by ultimate darkness

The ravages of life, the erasure of grandchildren

Only tears are left – fear, despair, and all rays of life befallen


In memory of my mother Judy Doggett Walker who passed away from this earth on April 10, 2019

Images of Judy Doggett Walker and her grandson Christian Yoshiki (first image) – the second image with her son Lee Jay – her granddaughter Lydia Sakurako is the third image – now the patter of little feet have faded from this world like their late grandmother.

Rest In Peace – Judy Doggett Walker (November 29, 1934, to April 10, 2019)