Prague Killer Leaves People in Czechia in Shock

Prague Killer Leaves People in Czechia in Shock

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The people of Czechia (Czech Republic) are in shock after the horrendous killings by a brutal killer.

It immediately became known that he killed 14 people at Charles University in Prague. However, it transpires that he not only shot his father dead on the same day, but it also seems likely that he is responsible for killing a two-month-old baby girl and her father last week.

Currently, the above isn’t confirmed. Yet rumors abound that he is the likely suspect.

President Petr Pavel of Czechia said, “I would like to express my deep regret and sincere condolences to the families and relatives of the victims that the shooting claimed.”

The police remain baffled as to why he decided to kill so many people. However, they know he left information on Telegram where he wrote, “I want to do a school shooting and possibly suicide.”

It is known that the killer was fully armed for his evil deeds and that he owned several legal firearms.

The BBC reports, “He had no criminal record, no history of violence. Earlier this year he had won a prize for a bachelor’s thesis from Prague’s Polish Institute.”

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary said he was “deeply shocked by the heinous shooting at Charles University.”

The Guardian reports, “Gun crime is relatively rare in the Czech Republic. In December 2019, a 42-year-old gunman killed six people at a hospital waiting room in the eastern city of Ostrava, while in 2015 a 63-year-old man shot seven men and a woman dead in the south-eastern town of Uhersky Brod.”

One can only imagine the utter shock and bewilderment of people connected to the people killed by the horrendous crimes of this individual.

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