Racial Attacks in South Africa Witnesses Malawi Evacuating its Citizens: ANC Ineptness

Racial Attacks in South Africa Witnesses Malawi Evacuating its Citizens: ANC Ineptness

Michiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The ultimate failure of the African National Congress (ANC) from changing society from white apartheid rule to a “rainbow nation” is in tatters internally and externally. This reality is unraveling internationally. However, the writing on the wall already existed internally because enormous inequality, corruption within the ANC and fears within the indigenous community of being ignored – and threatened by mass immigration – is culminating in increasing attacks against foreign nationals.

Malawi is alarmed so much by the situation that this nation is now evacuating its citizens from South Africa. Zimbabwe also weighed in by condemning the cycle of ethnic violence. Not surprisingly, Zimbabwe remembers similar attacks against foreign nationals in 2008 when many nationals from Zimbabwe and other African nations were attacked. Therefore, the ANC is just uttering empty words once more because the real shame is from within.

The BBC reports: Malawi says it will repatriate its nationals from South Africa, following an upsurge in xenophobic violence… At least five foreigners, including a 14-year-old boy, have been killed in attacks in South Africa’s coastal city of Durban since last week.”

With tensions mounting then Malawi is genuinely concerned about the situation. Therefore, the evacuation is a way of reaching out to Malawians who feel vulnerable in South Africa. Some foreign nationals in cities like Johannesburg are shutting-up their shops because of the enormous pressure they are under. After all, racial attacks are nothing new in South Africa because in 2008 over 60 people were killed and vast numbers of people fled.

Modern Tokyo Times reported: “The ANC was meant to usher in “a new dawn” whereby the so-called “rainbow country” would be based on equality. Of course, for the political correct brigade, and liberals, their visions of a new South Africa were always unrealistic. Therefore, moving forward to modern times you have major problems related to violent crime, rape, immigration issues, enormous inequality and a feeling that “the promise land” was just a mirage for the masses that remain alienated in the new South Africa.”

According to reports one national from Malawi was burnt alive and now over 400 people from this nation reside in a refugee camp in Durban. The Information Minister of Malawi, Kondwani Nankhumwa, says: We urge the government of South Africa to protect foreigners.”

The ANC stated that South Africans should “hang our heads in shame in the face of these misguided and misplaced assaults.”

However, the ANC should hang its head in shame because unemployment is over 20 per cent and enormous inequality exists throughout the country. On top of this, internal corruption is a reality therefore indigenous nationals feel betrayed by a political party that isn’t listening. At the same time, immigration is increasing despite high unemployment in South Africa. Therefore, a potent powder keg exists because of the ineptness of the ANC and ignoring the demands of local people. Sadly, this failure of the ANC is leading to immigrants being killed and attacked.




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