Russian Federation should ignore President Obama’s Russophobia: Putin and Trump to Reset

Russian Federation should ignore President Obama’s Russophobia: Putin and Trump to Reset

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Barack Obama of America is leaving office in the style of a Russophobe that says much about the majority of his administration. Indeed, Obama’s approach to the Russian Federation is reminiscent of the Cold War. This reality belies the false media image of Obama because he is part of the problem in dividing Europe into increasingly competitive areas of influence. Therefore, it is instrumental for America and the Russian Federation to focus on a new approach once Obama finally leaves office.

This approach is clearly in the mindset of President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation. Hence, despite the ill feelings of Obama towards the Russian Federation, Putin knows full well that the real focus is the incoming new leader of America.

Putin, in response to America expelling 35 diplomats from the Russian Federation under the auspices of Obama, calmly made it clear that tit-for-tat isn’t appropriate. Indeed, Putin pointedly stressed that Obama’s reasoning is based on “irresponsible diplomacy.” Given this reality, Putin will not “stoop” to the irrationality of the outgoing Obama. Instead, Putin will focus on Donald Trump who is the President-elect of America in the hope of restoring positive ties between both nations.

The leader of the Russian Federation also dismissed allegations by the Obama administration in relation to hacking. Putin stressed that issues related to hacking aspects of the United States election are totally “ungrounded.” However, in the mindset of Obama then Russophobia is a common theme based on other foreign policy objectives aimed at the Russian Federation.

Putin said, “We consider the new unfriendly steps by the outgoing US administration to be provocative and aimed at further undermining the Russian-US relations… This definitely contravenes the fundamental interests of both the Russian and American people.”

Even more embarrassing for Obama, while the leader of America is saber rattling, Putin is responding calmly and in a diplomatic fashion. Putin said, “Moreover, I am inviting all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas parties in the Kremlin.”

Overall, it is instrumental for Putin and Trump respectively to build bridges between both nations. In other words, Obama is in the death throes of his leadership; therefore, the Russian Federation is correct to respond diplomatically and to focus on future relations under Trump.

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