Austria says Countries should face Consequences to take their own Citizens back: Visegrad and Berlin

Austria says Countries should face Consequences to take their own Citizens back: Visegrad and Berlin

Boutros Hussein, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Austria is increasingly in-line with the Visegrad Group (V4 – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) in seeking to protect Europe from the failed policies of political leaders, including Chancellor Merkel of Germany. In other words, Austria is proposing tighter border controls and economic consequences on nations for refusing to take back failed citizens claiming asylum.

Similarly, the debacle over the Sunni Islamist terrorist who slaughtered innocents in Berlin, Germany, needs to be addressed. This applies to an array of issues, for example, deporting failed claimants and foreign criminals who abuse adopted nations. Therefore, Austria, just like the V4, seeks to preserve European culture and traditions – while protecting citizens from terrorist attacks including Berlin by Sunni Islamists. After all, the terrorist who butchered in Berlin should have been kicked out of Europe based on various negative factors. Instead, the terrorist killer of Berlin utilized all the weaknesses of the European Union (EU) and the politically correct brigade who care little about respective indigenous communities.

Sebastian Kurz, the Foreign Minister of Austria, indicated strongly that nations must be held accountable for refusing to take back their own citizens. This notably applies to the failed deportations of rejected claimants for asylum. Other areas that need tightening is sending back criminals who have offended in Europe, individuals with tendencies to support Sunni Islamic terrorism, people with past criminal offenses in original native nations – and bogus claims based on various factors.

Austria, following the mantra of the V4 nations, seeks new ways to stem the tide of enormous abuse and to protect indigenous communities throughout Europe. In order for international nations who are not taking responsibility for their own citizens – hence many factors in the Berlin terrorist attack – then Austria is proposing economic penalties. For example, the EU could easily reduce economic development aid to nations not taking accountability and other areas at the disposal of the EU.

Kurz, in an interview with the German media group Der Spiegel, said, for countries that are unwilling to take back their citizens, the funds for development cooperation must be cut.”

In the past, it appeared that Austria would follow the folly of Merkel in Germany based on her “open door policy.” Yet, it soon became clear that migrants from countless nations were abusing the humanitarian concerns in relation to genuine refugees. Instead, negative forces have filled the vacuum including mass foreign sexual assaults of women in Cologne by mainly North African Sunni Muslims to several Sunni Islamist terrorist attacks in several European nations.

Modern Tokyo Times said in the past, “Austria and the V4 need to reach out to other nations based on geopolitics in order to create a common sense approach to a very serious issue that threatens the richness of European culture and values. Therefore, with the internal political crisis in Turkey reaching boiling point, it is essential that European nations prepare to protect the citizens of each individual nation state within the EU… Attention also needs to be placed on working together with nations outside of the EU, for example, Serbia, in order to shore up the continent from perennial mass migration that is creating a smugglers paradise and a breeding ground for Takfiri Islamists.”

It is hoped that the V4 and Austria will solidify a common sense approach to mass immigration and the growing menace of terrorism that is altering the European landscape based on Sunni Islamism. In other words, nations including France, Italy, and Germany, must feel a new European force that seeks to preserve the rich traditions of this continent. At the same time, genuine refugees including Alawite Muslims, Middle East Christians, Yazidis who have no nation-state, Pakistan Christians, and others, must be the main focus when it comes to refugees. Similarly, Gulf nations, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and other nations and regions, must share the burden rather than letting poorer nations (Jordan and Uganda) and the EU being the perennial burdens of the world. Therefore, the endless stream of economic migrants – and the dangers of Gulf petrodollars that are funding Takfiri mosques and educational facilities – must all be cut in order to preserve greater European cohesion and continuity.

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