Russophobia is Running Riot in America based on Hardline Republicans, Democrats, and the Media

Russophobia is Running Riot in America based on Hardline Republicans, Democrats, and the Media

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Hardline Republicans and liberal Democrats who espouse Russophobia at the drop of a hat seek to put President Donald Trump of America into a corner. It seems that terrorist ratlines by certain allies of America, the NSA scandal under the Obama administration, the death of an American ambassador in Libya based on anything but the truth from the past administration, tolerating arms to al-Qaeda affiliates from Libya to Syria, and other realities that blighted the Obama administration, pales into insignificance because it is all about “Russophobia.” Also, the media agenda and controlling a possible independent president is another important criteria of the traditional elites. Hence, the rhetoric about Mike Flynn is somehow deemed to be much worse than countless failures under past American administrations.

The elitist old guard – irrespective if hardline Republicans, Democrats, or Russophobia media outlets are all working in tandem. This applies to maintaining negative relations between America and the Russian Federation. At the same time, the old guard fears an independent leader who may implement new policies that don’t fit into their respective worldview. Therefore, Trump is being pressurized by all means possible to stick to the Russophobia agenda and preserve the moribund NATO alliance.

Reuters reports, “U.S. lawmakers, including some leading Republicans, called for a deeper inquiry into not just Flynn’s actions but broader White House ties to Russia. Trump has long said that he would like improved relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Flynn was a firm believer in resetting relations between America and the Russian Federation. Equally significant, he desired a strong policy towards Islamist terrorists. This reality is contrary to past American administrations that either tolerated or trained Sunni Islamist terrorists from Afghanistan in the 1980s, to Bosnia in the early to middle of the 1990s, to more recent intrigues by the Obama administration in Libya and Syria. Given this reality, Flynn was already a deadly bogeyman to respective hardline Republicans, liberal Democrats, and the apologist Islamist media agenda along with endless news based on Russophobia.

On January 12, 2017, prior to Trump becoming the leader of America, Modern Tokyo Times forewarned that traps might be laid to prevent a new start with the Russian Federation under the Trump administration. Modern Tokyo Times said, “It is obvious that Obama, the liberal media, and internal mechanisms in America, seek to tie the President-elect down. Given this reality, Donald Trump needs to avoid the traps being set and this equally applies to Obama upping the ante towards the Russian Federation before shortly leaving office.”

Modern Tokyo Times also stated, “In many parts of modern Europe, people are witnessing greater police and security forces being armed to the teeth. This applies to protecting holy places, major festivals, airports, and so forth – and this is virtually all aimed at preventing Sunni Islamist terrorism. Likewise, growing crime, enormous mass immigration, and increasing Sunni Islamization are taking root in many cities in major countries in Europe. However, despite this, NATO, political liberal elites, and Obama are all fixated on the Russian Federation.”

Misdemeanors by Flynn may have occurred – or the situation is being blown up – either way, the issue is not about this individual. Instead, the bigger picture is to crush the independence of Trump in order to persevere the ways of the old guard. Therefore, Trump needs to reinvigorate his policy agenda and to stick loyally to the ideas he holds dear to himself. If not, then the old guard will crush his independence and dictate based on utilizing many power mechanisms that they hold.

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