Saudi-led coalition kills many people at a market in Yemen: Sunni Muslim outcry?

Saudi-led coalition kills many people at a market in Yemen: Sunni Muslim outcry?

Boutros Hussein, Sawako Uchida, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Another day in Yemen and yet another brutal Saudi-led Sunni Muslim coalition air strike kills innocent civilians in a conflict that shouldn’t be an external issue. On the contrary, outside forces, be they the Saudi-led coalition, the involvement of Iran, or nations like America and the United Kingdom making a profit from endless military arm contracts, are all collectively making Yemen a living hell.

Equally, all the main players in Yemen are collectively involved in Syria but with other international nations adding to the endless killing fields of this nation. In other words, the various proxy wars throughout the Middle East – and in Libya in North Africa – follow a similar pattern of creating failed states while opposing sides often trade with each other openly.

The latest brutal air strike by the Saudi-led coalition is known to have killed at least 26 civilians. This applies to another air strike on a market where people were hoping to get on with the normal chores of existence. However, just like health facilities and schools have been hit many times before by the Saudi-led coalition, then yet another market is added to the atrocious tally of foreign nations caring little about the people of Yemen.

Currently, it is known that 26 people were killed by the latest air strike in the province of Saada in Northern Yemen. Of course, the justification for the Saudi-led coalition is that they must keep the Shia Houthi armed forces at bay in order for external powers in the Gulf to dictate to Yemen.

The BBC reports, “Warplanes are reported to have bombed a hotel and a busy market in the Sahar district of Saada province.”

According to international agencies, over 20 million people in Yemen need assistance on the grounds of humanitarianism. At the same time, over 2,100 people have died from cholera out of over 880,000 people being infected. Similarly, the majority of people killed by the Saudi-led Sunni Muslim coalition have been civilians.

Of course, when Muslims are butchering Muslims on the grounds of sectarianism and power concentration, then no mass international Muslim demonstrations outside of Yemen to any major degree. Also, the international media isn’t inciting against the Saudi-led Sunni Muslim coalition – a far cry from the utterly biased reporting against Myanmar.

Astonishingly, Muslims are still going on pilgrimage to Mecca despite the brutal deeds of Saudi Arabia against the people of Yemen and intrigues against Syria. It seems that killing civilians in neighboring Yemen and creating mass bouts of cholera isn’t so important when Sunni Muslims are in the vanguard of butchering – especially when it is aimed at stemming Shia forces in this nation.

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