Sunni Islamist Terrorist Kills 3 People in London before being Shot Dead

Sunni Islamist Terrorist Kills 3 People in London before being Shot Dead

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Reports say one known Takfiri Islamist killed three people prior to being shot dead by armed police in London. Of course, given the ongoing situation, then another conflicting report stressed possibly more than one individual was involved. In time, the full details will emerge but at the moment it is known that twenty people have been injured and three citizens have perished in the latest Sunni Islamist attack in Europe.

The incident took place near the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament that is located in central London. It is known that pedestrians were targeted on Westminster Bridge before events spread to the Houses of Parliament area.

Sadly, one police officer was stabbed to death by the terrorist before armed police killed him. This will raise serious questions because the Houses of Parliament is one of the most protected areas in London.

It is known that three French schoolchildren were hurt during the terrorist attack in London. Therefore, this will bring back more memories of recent Sunni Takfiri terrorist attacks in France, for example, Nice, Paris, and the brutal murder of a Roman Catholic priest.

Reuters reports, “The three students from the Concarneau Lycee in Brittany, western France, were on a school trip there, a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement. The statement did not say how serious the injuries were.”

Once more an inquiry will take place why a known suspected supporter of terrorism was allowed to roam freely despite being a threat to society – this applies to indoctrinating others and being a future terrorist. It is high time to clamp down on all known Takfiri circles in Europe. After all, it is the same mindset that is butchering in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and countless other nations.

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