Syrian Government Remains Steadfast against Sectarianism and Terrorism: Christian Survival

Syrian Government Remains Steadfast against Sectarianism and Terrorism: Christian Survival

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government remain steadfast in the need to preserve the religious mosaic of this nation. At the same time, despite the flows of Sunni Takfiri sectarians based on the intrigues of outside nations, the armed forces of this nation will continue its resistance until the nation is free. Therefore, while Takfiri sectarians are intent on infiltrating parts of the Damascus region, President Assad is focused on counter-terrorism and the political process.

Since outside NATO and Gulf powers began to meddle into the internal affairs of Syria, the consequences have been horrendous. Similarly, Iraq became destabilized a second time because of these barbaric intrigues. Hence, the cleansing of Yazidis in Iraq, the persecution of Christians in both nations, the genuine fear of a brutal genocide against the Alawites in Syria, countless massacres against the Shia, and the indoctrination and persecution threat against indigenous Sunni Muslims, are all the brutal consequences of certain Gulf and NATO powers that should be held accountable.

Yet, despite all the odds, the government of Syria remains firm while others including Afghanistan under Najibullah, Libya, Serbia (loss of sovereignty over Kosovo), and Iraq, all succumbed because of various factors. This time, the NATO and Gulf twin policy of destabilization and conquer failed. However, the bravery of steadfastness in Syria means untold suffering, continuing support of Takfiri terrorists by outside nations, the destruction of the economy, and other brutal consequences.

The Syrian government found genuine allies in the Russian Federation and Iran who refused the diktat of NATO and Gulf powers. Hezbollah in Lebanon, a Shia Muslim entity with cordial relations with the leading Christian figure in this nation, also understand that Takfiris hate the rich mosaic of the region and that Takfiri terrorists are tools of outside nations. Given this reality, minority faiths like Christianity continue to survive because of the Syrian government and allies of this nation – unlike the destruction and ghettoization of Christians that took place on the watch of NATO powers in Kosovo (Serbia), Iraq, and in non-Syrian government-held areas of Syria.

The highly respected Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in America says, “I think the Islamic rebels winning is a bad idea for the Christians. All of a sudden we’ll have another Islamic state where Christians are persecuted.”

In recent days, a fresh Takfiri Islamist assault is being unleashed on parts of Damascus city in the eastern outskirts in and around Jobar. Further afield, a fresh Islamist Takfiri attack is happening in the Hama region. These infiltrations are intensive and probably based on outside nations that seek greater coordination of various Islamist Takfiri terrorist groups. However, if past history is repeated, then the Syrian government will counter-attack and gradually weaken the terrorist onslaught – and eventually, the menace of Eastern Ghouta, just like Aleppo, will fall and the same applies to other areas of Syria.

President Assad fully understands that the bloodshed will continue because the enemies of this nation seek the weakening of central forces at all costs. Yet, President Assad, despite the ongoing “liberation war,” is equally focused on the political process and preserving the economy of this nation. In other words, only the central government is focused on the preservation of the nation-state and to safeguard the various faiths of Syria.

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