Sunni Islamists Kill the Shia in Mosque Attack (Taliban)

Sunni Islamists Kill the Shia in Mosque Attack (Taliban)

Kanako Mita and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

In Afghanistan, the Islamic State Khorasan Province or ISIS-K is a branch of ISIS (Islamic State – IS). Similar to other Sunni Islamist terrorist groups, it is anti-Shia. Henceforth, the latest Islamist attack against the Shia in Afghanistan follows the usual pattern of sectarian hatred.

Shia worshippers were praying inside a mosque in Pul e Khumri (Pol-e-Khomri) in the province of Baghlan. However, despite praying to the same Allah, Sunni Islamists struck to kill innocent worshippers.

At least 7 Shia worshippers were killed – and many injured.

AP reports, “A suicide bomber blew himself up among worshippers attending Friday prayers at a Shiite mosque in northern Afghanistan, killing at least seven people and wounding 15 others, a police spokesperson said.”

Mawlawi Hashimi, the official of Baghlan province, uttered, “A blast has taken place at a Shi’ite mosque.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “China, India, Iran, the Russian Federation, and the nations of Central Asia – despite tensions with Tajikistan – all seek a stable Afghanistan. However, ISIS-K is intent on destabilizing the Taliban government and curtailing regional economic measures. Also, this Islamist terrorist group is anti-Shia to the core.”

Shia Muslims are attacked by Sunni Islamists in several nations. This includes Iraq and Pakistan. Also, the Shia face discrimination in many Sunni Muslim-dominated nations, including Bahrain, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.

The Taliban – before re-taking power – also targeted the Shia. However, this time, despite religious differences, the Taliban is curtailing its anti-Shia attacks to govern wider society throughout Afghanistan.

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