Sunni Islamists Slaughter 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt on the Eve of Ramadan

Sunni Islamists Slaughter 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt on the Eve of Ramadan

Boutros Hussein, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sunni Islamists in Egypt have butchered Coptic Christians on the Eve of Ramadan. Currently, it is known that Sunni Islamists have killed 28 Christians, many who are children, based on the blood lust of the same forces that slaughter on a regular basis in countless nations. Therefore, the forces of hatred in Egypt that seek sectarian violence, the destruction of the economy, and turning the clock back to Year Takfiri Zero, have butchered in the name of Allah once more.

It is noticeable that Sunni Islamist forces in Egypt often commit many of their worse atrocities against Christians during Holy Christian periods. This notably applies to Christmas or Easter, in order to humiliate the people of the cross. Likewise, they butcher Coptics on the eve or during religious Islamic festivals. Of course, Sunni Islamists butcher at other times but many major recent atrocities in Egypt apply to times of religious significance.

The latest terrorist attack highlights the martyrdom of Coptic Christians for the faith they follow. This is based on the utter barbarity of Sunni Islamists who killed Christians after they refused to convert to Islam.

The New York Times reports, Claiming to be security officers, the gunmen ordered the passengers to get out. They separated the men from women and children, and ordered them to surrender their mobile phones. They instructed the men to say the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith… When the men refused, the gunmen started to shoot.”

Sadly, only last month the same forces butchered Christians in Egypt on Palm Sunday. Modern Tokyo Times reported, The barbaric twin attack against Christians in Egypt who were taken from this world on Palm Sunday, just like Shia pilgrims targeted during religious processions by Sunni Islamists, merely highlights that in the minds of Takfiris that nothing is sacred. Amazingly, this death cult is allowed to proselytize in Europe based on Gulf petrodollars and other means – while European agencies monitor from a distance. Therefore, the “brotherhood claptrap” is just a politically correct mantra that cares little about the victims because Sunni Islamist terrorism is in full swing in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and now Europe.”

In the latest terrorist attack against Coptic Christians, the barbaric Sunni Islamist forces of evil killed innocents who were traveling to a holy Christian monastery. At the same time, just like Beslan or the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, young children were targeted because each time Sunni Islamist forces knew that children and young people would die.

President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, the leader of Egypt, is a devout Sunni Muslim who seeks a new way to challenge the Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood worldview, in order to modernize and challenge the indoctrination mantra of Sunni Islamism. Yet, el-Sisi is working in a very dangerous environment and whereby central institutions and the economy remain weak after recent political convulsions in this nation. Hence, the need to support el-Sisi and the government of Egypt on various levels.

Reuters reports about the latest terrorist attack against Coptic Christians by stating, “The attack took place on a road leading to the monastery of Saint Samuel the Confessor in Minya province, which is home to a sizeable Christian minority. An Interior Ministry spokesman said the unidentified gunmen had arrived in three four-wheel-drive vehicles.”

The latest atrocity against Coptic Christians is highlighting the growing Sunni Islamist menace against the indigenous faith of Egypt. Indeed, the same forces of sectarian hatred in the Middle East seek to cleanse the region of Alawites, Christians, the Shia, Yazidis, and others, in respective nations. At the same time, Sunni Muslim religious leaders who oppose the Takfiri worldview of various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups also face the wrath of religious fanatics.

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