Syria and the Gulf and NATO Islamist Terrorist Sponsored Networks

Syria and the Gulf and NATO Islamist Terrorist Sponsored Networks

Helmut Joachim Schmidt, Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Cold War and the disintegration of Yugoslavia witnessed murky dealings by political elites in Washington and London respectively. Afghanistan became a rallying point for creating and molding not only Sunni Islamic terrorism but also spreading dangerous Islamist doctrines on behalf of Gulf powers. This all happened throughout the 1980s and 1990s. The upshot of all this culminated with major international Islamist terrorist networks, the Taliban and various other “Islamist Takfiri year zero movements.” Following on from this militancy was growing hatred towards the Shia, persecution of non-Muslims, enforcing women into the shadows and a whole array of mass brutality.

Issues related to the gradual erosion of mainstream Islam in Pakistan alongside women being forced into the shadows in both Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan, did not concern the Western elites.  Also, terrorism that engulfed India because of the intrigues of Pakistan from time to time was also brushed under the carpet. The same Islamist networks were then supported in Bosnia by political elites in Washington, London and Ankara. All of this was music to the ears of Saudi Arabia and other draconian nations like Qatar that support the spread of Salafi ideology.

September 11 linked the policies of Afghanistan and Bosnia together because the majority of people involved in this crime against humanity had served in Bosnia. Also, the vast majority of individuals involved were Saudi nationals and clearly you had a major Afghanistan and Bosnia angle. However, it was hoped that after September 11 that the United States would have learnt from past errors. This applies to supporting Islamic terrorism for geopolitical gains. Of course, for Saudi Arabia, the issue was much bigger because this nation desires to Islamize both non-Muslims and Muslims deemed to be infidels because of their moderation.

The Libyan crisis was the real “re-opening” of the “Washington-London-Riyadh axis” in the post September 11 world. Qatar and France also entered the fray. This new phase is now destabilizing secular Syria and currently Turkey is on the frontline in this axis of “outside meddling.”

A brief look at some of the Islamist Takfiri and sectarian terrorist networks in Syria clearly highlights the reality that major Western powers are in cohorts with terrorism, indoctrination, sectarianism and media lies – and clearly the “Arab Spring” is just a cover up. The terrorist and sectarian Free Syrian Army (FSA) was financed in the initial phase against Syria based on the support of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar openly. Meanwhile the United States, the United Kingdom and France continue to do things behind the scenes.

On top of this is a media war within major media agencies in the Sunni Islamic dominated world of the Middle East and North Africa. Similarly, many major Western media agencies are spreading rhetoric against the government of Syria. Therefore, while the Cold War may be dead, it is clear that the propaganda war is alive and kicking when it comes to destabilizing independent nation states – after all, look what happened against Libya – and what is still happening against Syria.

Currently it is known that you have many terrorist organizations in Syria that are being backed by many different forces. A partial list includes the FSA, Al Nusrah Front (supported by al-Qaeda), ISIS and many other terrorist and sectarian forces that merge or melt away and then re-emerge under a new name. The reality behind this is for Gulf and NATO powers to continue with their anti-Syria intrigues and to disguise the many ratlines. On top of this, you have international Sunni Takfiri Islamist that travel to Syria in order to persecute and kill Alawites, the Shia, Christians and Sunni Muslims who are loyal to the government.

This fact clearly highlights the Sunni Islamist and Salafist angle that is extremely sectarian in nature. It also highlights the fact that the so-called opposition is basically a mish-mash of various Islamist sectarian terrorist organizations that are supported by outside nations. Alongside this are covert operatives who are loyal to their respective orders in Washington, Ankara, Riyadh, Doha, London and Paris. The notion that the conflict against the Syrian government is based on “a revolution” is clearly false and was from day one. After all, the reality on the ground is that various Takfiri terrorist organizations desire to implement Sharia Islamic law and to create a sectarian state based on year zero. These movements are being funded by outside nations and through charities that are funneling funds in the full knowledge of Western powers.

The majority of the Syrian armed forces follow the Sunni faith and clearly the military of Syria is multi religious. Therefore, the sectarian angle doesn’t belong to the Syrian government. On the contrary, the Syrian government took in over one million refugees from Iraq and Palestine and clearly the biggest number were Sunni Muslims. This makes a mockery of using the “Alawite angle” in order to spread hatred and sectarianism against the government of Syria. After all, Syria welcomed Sunni Muslim refugees, Christian refugees, Shia refugees and refugees from other faiths and people who had no faith.

The FSA and various Islamist terrorist organizations have openly beheaded people, tortured people, killed journalists, done car bombings and other ghastly things in order to spread fear and carnage. While this brutality continues major Western nations and Sunni Islamic dominated nations in the Middle East have enforced a brutal economic blockade on the secular state of Syria. Likewise, various Syrian media agencies are being prevented from spreading their version of events. Also, killing journalists and TV reporters is a way of life for the FSA and various Islamist organizations – what does this say for so-called democratic powers that are supporting various anti-Syria forces.

It appears that “all morality” is being “thrown out of the window” when it comes to Syria. This can be seen by the blind hatred of the FSA and various Islamist terrorist networks like ISIS and Nusrah. In recent days some Christians have been tortured to death, Alawites have been beheaded and others like the Kurds face ethnic cleansing at the hands of ISIS. This is being done in the name of “democracy” to elites in Washington, London and Paris. While in Saudi Arabia and Qatar this is being done in the name of “Islamic jihad.” In Turkey, it is being done in the name of “opportunism” and the Ottoman dream under the current leader of this nation.

Syria is on the frontline in protecting the religious mosaic of the Levant and showing regional nations that independence should be treasured by all. However, the enemies of Syria know full well that they are supporting sectarianism and year zero Takfiri forces. Also, for major NATO and Gulf powers it is all about destroying independent nation states – just like the destabilization and destruction of Libya.


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