Taliban and Victims of Domestic Violence Put in Prison in Afghanistan (Sharia)

Taliban and Victims of Domestic Violence Put in Prison in Afghanistan (Sharia)

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The United Nations (UN) stated categorically that women suffering from domestic violence are now being put in prison in Afghanistan. In neighboring Iran, young females (and others) have been killed by the “morality police” over the draconian dress code.

In Yemen, little girls are married to older men. Similarly, in Pakistan, non-Muslim Christian, Hindu, and Sikh young girls are forcibly converted to Islam and forced to marry older male Muslims (the UN condemned Pakistan last year). Hence, the crisis in Afghanistan is a grim reminder of the persecution of women at the hands of Islamists or the structures of Sharia Islamic law in many nations.

Voice of America reports, “The report, covering the period from August 2021 to March 2023, said that gender-based violence against women in Afghanistan includes murder, honor killings, sexual assault, injury and disability, and deprivation of women from receiving inheritances.”

In a fact-finding report by the UN, it said, “The confinement of women in prison facilities, outside the enforcement of criminal law, and for the purpose of ensuring their protection from gender-based-violence, would amount to an arbitrary deprivation of liberty.”

Violence against women in Afghanistan existed long before the Taliban took power. Indeed, it was claimed that 90% of women suffered physical or mental violence at the hands of their male partners (during their lifetime).

Violence against women is an international problem. Accordingly, rape convictions in the United Kingdom are extremely low. However, in Afghanistan, Iran, and other nations, the state apparatus is inflicting persecution and degradation.

The Independent reports (Afghan Witness – 2023), “Researchers state they recorded 188 such cases across the country from January last year to July this year – with reports including cases of women being beheaded or shot at, as well as cases of stabbings. Bodies are said to be frequently discarded in rivers or streets, with reports sometimes stating their bodies indicate torture or suffocation, according to the Afghan Witness study.”

UN News reports, “Mechanisms and policies enabling victims to obtain legal redress and protection have ‘all but disappeared’ since the Taliban takeover, the report notes.” 

The UN statement said, “Some [Taliban] de facto officials stated that in instances where they had safety concerns for a survivor, she would be sent to the women’s prison, for her protection, akin to how prisons have been used to accommodate drug addicts and homeless people in Kabul.” 

CBS News reports, “Girls are not allowed to attend school beyond the sixth grade, and women aren’t permitted to travel outside their homes without male chaperones.”

Violence against women and the failure of the justice system is a reality that isn’t unique to any one nation or continent. However, the ruling governments in many Sharia nations are openly enforcing oppression – and tolerating the intolerable.


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