The Distorted Civilizational War: Syria, Nigeria and Elitist Intrigues

The Distorted Civilizational War: Syria, Nigeria and Elitist Intrigues

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Syria is facing the brute force of international sponsored Islamism which is beheading minorities, doing daily car bombings, killing journalists and slaughtering anyone deemed to be a supporter of the secular government. At the same time Boko Haram in Nigeria is eulogizing the international jihadist movement and slaughtering Christians and Muslims deemed loyal to the government of Nigeria. This civilizational war should be straightforward but because of elites in London, Paris and Washington; then once more they are muddying everything by siding with al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups in Syria.

Recently in Nigeria another ten Christians had their throats slit by Islamists and clearly all roads lead to Boko Haram given the hallmarks of the attack. Of course, Nigeria is sadly blighted by ethnic and other issues which often results in violence. Yet, while these issues are disturbing by themselves they pale into comparison when viewing the threat of Boko Haram to the central state. After all, this Islamist organization continues to cause mayhem daily and clearly it views the Nigerian state to be worthy to be overthrown in order to introduce a draconian version of Islamic Sharia law.

Political elites in London, Paris and Washington continue to play “with the devil” by supporting Saudi Arabia and other Gulf state at all costs. Yet it is the petrodollars emanating from this region which is spreading radical Islamism far and wide. The disturbing reality is that this is a Salafist civilization war against mainstream Islam, African Islam, non-Muslims, secular nations, women and a world based on diversity.

The mass media which hoodwinked the world in the 1980s and early 1990s, with the notion of the “brave Islamic jihadists” fighting against communism in Afghanistan, is still eulogizing the terrorist opposition on the whole in Syria. Yet the “brave Islamic jihadists” who became unified under the CIA, ISI (Pakistan) and other covert agencies from the United Kingdom, turned out to be a nightmare. Once Islamists took power in Afghanistan they killed tens of thousands of Shia Muslims; shot women in national stadiums on the grounds of adultery (of course marrying young girls was fine based on their Saudi influenced based Islamic Sharia law); enforced women into slavery; began to destroy female schools; blew up ancient Buddhist heritage; and turned society into the “Islamic year zero.” Of course, for elites in Washington and London this was fine because their short-term objectives ambitions had been met. The real winner was Saudi Arabia which understands the foolishness of elites in London, Washington and Paris because Islamization was always the intended goal of political elites in Riyadh.

September 11 should have been a wake-up call for America and the entire world but instead it became forgotten in time. After all, the United States and other nations turned “a blind eye” to the Saudi Arabia angle of September 11. Therefore, recent events in Libya and Syria highlights that Washington, London and Paris are once more “in bed” with international jihadists in order to meet short-term ends. Of course, for political elites in Ankara, Riyadh, Doha and other nations in the Gulf, they have long-term objectives based on turning the Middle East, North Africa and parts of the Balkans into Islamist states based on “so-called puritan Salafi mind thoughts. Yet you have nothing puritanical about Salafi Islam or Saudi Arabia which continues to allow men between the ages of 18 to 80 to marry young girls aged 8 and 9 years of age. This hypocrisy runs throughout the Islamist worldview of destroying civilization based on ignorance, sexual subservience, dhimmitude, enslavement of others and creating laws based on hatred and power structures which will crush alternative thought patterns.

Syria is now fighting a civilizational war because this secular nation is an affront to Saudi Arabia and the supporters of Islamic jihad in Qatar and other nations. In Syria you have many religious communities and sects within Islam, Christianity and the Druze faith. This mixing of different faith groups and the rights of women is despised in Saudi Arabia because in this nation no non-Muslim places of worship are allowed and women are shackled, apart from the wealthy elites which can bypass the system based on privilege. Therefore, the wealthy monarchs which will not tolerate any power bases to their power in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the same nations sponsoring Islamist terrorism against Syria. It is a convenient marriage for the ruling monarchs because by exporting Islamic jihad abroad they can maintain their control over society based on mass propaganda. However, “Islamist terrorism” is crushed at home while using the same Islamists to slaughter in Syria and other nations which meet their intended objectives. Of course this is also based on being given the green light from powerful nations like America, the United Kingdom, France and more recently Turkey.

In Nigeria, Mali, Somalia and other parts of black African Islam you have an array of different thought patterns within various different Muslim sects in these nations. Yet Boko Haram in Nigeria, al-Shabaab (al-Shabab) in Somalia and international Islamists in Northern Mali all hate indigenous black African Islam. These “soldiers of Salafi jihad” desire to implement the draconian version of Islam which still rules and controls Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Therefore, petrodollars are financing the international Sunni jihadist movement in Africa whereby Sufi shrines are being destroyed, rich black African Islamic architecture is being burnt to the ground and this is followed by a brutal Islamist indoctrination force which is intent on “Islamist year zero.”

Boko Haram under their leader Abubakar Shekau comments that “We are with our mujahideen brothers in the Cause of Allah everywhere, in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan, Kashmir, Iraq, the Peninsula of Muhammad [Saudi Arabia], Allah’s peace and prayer be upon him, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, and other places that I didn’t mention.” This indicates that Boko Haram deems the majority of Nigerians to be infidels and that the conflict against the Nigerian government is secondary in terms of the real Islamist global objective. Therefore, Boko Haram will continue to blow up Christian churches, kill mainstream Muslims, slit the throats of Christians, kill apostates from Islam and spread a brutal version of Islamic Sharia law which belongs to the harsh reality of modern day Saudi Arabia. In this sense, the Islamist movement is also intent on destroying black African Islam in order to Arabize and Islamize society based on cultural norms which belong to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

Once more the elites in London, Paris and Washington are a million miles away and they are misleading other powerful nations like Japan into a policy based on folly. After all, in civilizational wars you can’t swap sides to suit geopolitical objectives or based on protecting draconian and brutal nations like Saudi Arabia. Either you stand on the side of fighting international terrorism and the continuing Salafist propaganda machine which is supported by petrodollars – or you compromise and are sowing the seeds of future conflict and struggles.

In Syria the secular government is fighting international terrorism and powerful forces within the Middle East and in the West. The difference between the mainly Muslim armed forces of Syria is that they are protecting Christians, the Druze community and people from all faiths or who have no religious faith. Therefore, why are political elites in London, Paris and Washington siding with Islamist terrorism against secular Syria?

Afghanistan remains a nightmare after more than 40 years of meddling by outside nations and now in Libya many Sufi shrines are being destroyed. In Iraq the majority of Christians and other minorities have fled and terrorism is a daily reality in Afghanistan and Iraq. The conflict in Libya also enabled international jihadists to create a powerbase in Northern Mali whereby they are destroying indigenous black African Islam. Meanwhile in Nigeria Boko Haram is intent on spreading the indoctrination of the petrodollars of the Gulf in order to subvert black African Islam in Nigeria and the central state.

If Syria falls to Islamism then it will be “a very dark day” for not only the Middle East but for all of civilization. Likewise, if the crisis gets out of control in Nigeria then sooner or later you will have internal convulsions that will spread. Therefore, it is time for Western powers to acknowledge their respective failed policies by curtailing the evil deeds of Gulf petrodollars.

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