Tokyo Fashion News: Kawaii Culture, Cute Cube Harajuku and Monki

Tokyo Fashion News: Kawaii Culture, Cute Cube Harajuku and Monki

Michel Lebon and Tomoko Hara

Modern Tokyo Times


Kawaii culture in Harajuku is internationally famous because of the unique vibes of this independent reality in the heart of Tokyo. Therefore, the opening of Cute Cube Harajuku  in 2013 enhanced this angle within the fashion environment of this district and hopefully 2014 will witness many new innovations. The Takeshita Dori is always awash with young fashion lovers therefore the prime location of this new mini mall will surely pull in the crowds.

H&M is represented within this new landmark mini-mall based on their brand Monki. The brand Monki entered Japan by opening a store in buzzing Osaka before focusing on other areas throughout Japan. This reality means that H&M will further widen its appeal to a new client base through Monki in the heart of Tokyo.

In this adorable mini-mall in the heart of youthful Harajuku you have shops and places to eat. Also, the kawaii angle is enhanced dramatically by Sebastian Masuda because of his designs within this new entity on several floors. Sebastian Masuda is a powerful player within the world of kawaii because of his innovation, creativity and extreme passion.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times comments about Sebastian Masuda by stating that “This amazing designer, artist, and creator, is the person behind 6% Dokidoki which often hits the fashion headlines when it comes to kawaii culture. Sebastian Masuda is always evolving and expressing new creativity based on the kawaii angle and chaotic punk vibes to his adorable fashion designs. This reality means that Cute Cube Harajuku will have enormous street credibility because of Sebastian Masuda. Also, the new mini-mall will highlight his artistic talents and other skills.”

The fashion angle in this mini-mall is fused within the other intricate angles related to kawaii culture. This applies to accessories, artistic nature of shops, clothing styles of individual workers, color schemes, sweets, apparel, sundries and other aspects of kawaii culture. Therefore, young female teenagers and young ladies who adore kawaii culture will certainly welcome Cute Cube Harajuku.


It is also fascinating that H&M have chosen their Monki brand within this mini-mall. After all, the usual clientele is a little different therefore Cute Cube Harajuku will also draw in people who usually shop in a different environment. This reality means that you will have a nice fusion of styles and thinking within Cute Cube Harajuku. At the same time, the age angle will be more open because of Monki and this reality promises to enliven Cute Cube Harajuku.

Lee Jay Walker gave guidance and support to both main writers

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