United States Presidential Election result will leave a sour taste

United States Presidential Election result will leave a sour taste

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The United States Presidential Election was meant to be a clear victory for Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Yet, the election between the Democrats and Republicans – despite the pundits predicting an easy win for Biden – remained on a knife-edge throughout the election.

Indeed, by the end of the first night, the betting markets were predicting a Trump victory in America and the United Kingdom respectively. This was based on Biden making virtually no inroads. Likewise, Trump was leading in key marginals. However, by the following morning, Biden suddenly appears to be able to take key marginals unlike day one.

At the moment, it appears that Biden will be declared the winner – but Trump does still have some hope – even if limited – in Arizona and Nevada. Yet, the likely scenario is that pro-Trump voters will remain extremely suspicious by events – even if nothing comes forward by the “murky” feel to events.

The anti-Trump media never left Trump alone throughout his presidency to the point of a political witch hunt. Despite this, and the horrendous deaths from coronavirus (Covid-19) in America, the Democrats under Biden could barely get over the line (providing they have got over the line?).

Voice of America reports, “…the outcome of contests in several states – Georgia and Pennsylvania in the eastern part of the country, Michigan and Wisconsin in the Midwest and Arizona and Nevada in the West — was unsettled as officials counted millions of votes, some that were cast on Tuesday and many more during weeks of early voting.”

Trump said, “This is a major fraud on our nation.”

One can only imagine if Vladimir Putin was in big trouble on the first day of voting, then suddenly after the night break, he was in pole position in the morning. If this happened, serious doubts would be raised about political events in the Russian Federation and some nations would condemn.

This, frankly, is how the American political system currently looks like. Equally, the media and social media witch hunt went beyond the norm year-after-year against Trump. Therefore, America needs to do some soul searching because the “democratic model” – and media and social media witch hunt – leaves an enormous sour taste.

Biden looks set to become the next leader of America based on events on the morning of day two. However, with possible recounts and a legal challenge in the offing – and still a small window left for Trump – then the estrange 2020 is continuing unabated in America.



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