Yemen war: Mosque and religious building hit by Houthi missile attack

Yemen war: Mosque and religious building hit by Houthi missile attack

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The conflict in Yemen is a protracted conflict that pits internal forces and outside regional nations against each other. Hence, the flow of death is endless. This applies to people being killed directly in military attacks – or by various health-related issues connected to the convulsions of war.

In the latest massacre of innocent civilians, Houthi forces hit a holy Muslim mosque and religious school. It is known that women and children are among the 29 civilian deaths in this religious compound. Sadly, the death toll might increase further.

The Information Minister, Moammar al-Eryani, said, “Once again, the Iranian-backed Houthi militia targets residential communities in Al Juba district, south of Marib governorate, this time with two ‘Iranian-made’ ballistic missiles that hit a mosque and Dar Al Hadith in the overcrowded area of Al Amoud and displaced families from outside the district, killing 29 civilians, including women and children.”

Innocent civilians have been killed by all sides in the conflict. Likewise, the ensuing chaos that blights Yemen involves all outside nations and internal forces. Therefore, deaths from the convulsions of war are shockingly high – with children also suffering greatly.

James Elder, a spokesperson for UNICEF, uttered, “A child dies in Yemen of something that is preventable every 10 minutes. And that is certainly a number that unfortunately has not changed in the last couple of years…Yemen is the most difficult place in the world to be a child. Incredulously, it is getting worse.”

The National News (UAE), reports, “The UN said about 10,000 people were displaced in September by fighting in Marib, the internationally recognized government’s last northern stronghold. It is calling for a humanitarian corridor for aid.

The BBC reports, “Last Thursday, two children were among 12 people killed in a Houthi missile attack on a pro-government tribal leader’s home in al-Jawba.”

It is essential for all Gulf nations and Iran – and international honest brokers along with the United Nations – to seek the ending of hostilities. Similarly, all internal parties on the ground must enter talks with respective backers.


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