Islamist Takfiri Massacres in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria but in Syria it is Sanctioned

Islamist Takfiri Massacres in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria but in Syria it is Sanctioned

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In the last few days more Islamist terrorist attacks have slaughtered untold numbers of people in Iraq, Nigeria and Syria. Massacres in Pakistan also are mounting and the crisis in Afghanistan is never ending. However, for the people and government of Syria it is clear that “a dirty proxy war” is being manipulated by powerful nations throughout the Gulf region and within the organization of NATO. Therefore, while terrorist attacks are rebuked in other nations this principle doesn’t apply to Syria because nations throughout the Gulf are being propped up by America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The so-called “war on terrorism” is now a complete farce because only a mainly compliant press is maintaining this façade despite “nuggets” breaking out from time to time which go against the grain. It is well known that major Gulf nations, America, Pakistan and the United Kingdom all supported Islamist factions throughout the 1980s and early 1990s in Afghanistan. Indeed, the role of Pakistan is still very murky within the internal affairs of Afghanistan because you appear to have major divisions within several powerful institutions. Despite everything, a new war against terrorism was declared after September 11 whereby the murky world of terrorism would be eradicated internally and challenged externally.

However, when it comes to Syria then the relentless pressure being put on this nation by all means possible is shattering the myth of any self-doubters about the manipulation of terrorism. Of course, America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom are all trying to hide behind openly supporting terrorist factions in Syria. This applies to making out that certain Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions are based on secularism and democracy. The truth is very different because the FSA often fights side by side – or is within various Islamist factions – which share a Taliban view of the world. Therefore, the various different names assigned to each faction is a way to hide behind the reality that Islamist terrorist forces are being supported by elites in Ankara, London, Paris and Washington.

Another obvious reality behind the façade of the “war against terrorism” is that Gulf nations are not being challenged – or facing international condemnation – by NATO powers which are covertly supporting the anti-Syrian government forces. If America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom were against international terrorism, then clearly they would have cut off the terrorist lines throughout the Gulf. Alongside this, these four NATO powers would have openly rebuked Qatar and Saudi Arabia for supporting international terrorism. Yet clearly this isn’t happening because they are privy to the same terrorist lines which are sending military weapons and other dark forces against the independent nation of Syria.

The nation of Nigeria is worried about the threat of Islamist terrorist groups within parts of this nation. At the same time, if the central government can’t stop a plethora of Islamist terrorist attacks then this may unleash a major backlash by Christians in this country. Islamist terrorist groups like Boko Haram and Ansaru deem non-Muslims to be infidels and just like other Islamist factions they have no qualms in killing mainstream Muslim clerics. Of course, their radical ideology emanates from the Gulf region and just like in Mali they hate indigenous Islam because they loathe the notion of diversity. Therefore, after the recent kidnappings of so many young girls by Boko Haram the government of Nigeria should think carefully about accepting outside support. This applies to the role of major Gulf and Western powers in helping to destabilize so many nations and spread Takfiri terrorism and barbarity. Indeed, the leader of Iraq linked internal terrorism with Saudi Arabia and mercenaries entering the country from Nigeria (and other nations) based on Gulf petrodollars.

Therefore, the leaders of Nigeria should be questioning the role of Gulf nations, institutions, Islamic charities and powerful wealthy individuals throughout this part of the Middle East that are supporting many negative forces in parts of Africa. Also, with the introduction of Sharia Islamic law in parts of northern Nigeria; then did this really help the people of Nigeria and the central government? After all, this reality didn’t placate Islamists and at the same time it alienated many Nigerians because instead of unity you now have more division and animosity.

Nigeria, liked already mentioned, should be asking if they can trust major Western and Gulf powers?  The events in Libya and Syria certainly point in the direction of chaos, terrorism, collapse of central forces, Islamist terrorist ratlines and other tragic realities which impinge on religious diversity. In Libya many Sufi Shrines have been attacked by Salafists and Christians are suffering from fresh persecution in this country. Also, the crisis in Mali was triggered by the brutal reality of what happened in Libya. Therefore, Western and Gulf powers created destabilization along with opening up Libya to Salafi Islam and enormous indoctrination.

The government of Nigeria is rightly concerned about the Islamist terrorist and militant religious agenda in Mali whereby Gulf versions of Islam are intent on destroying indigenous Islam. This can be seen by the destruction of many Sufi shrines and monuments which belong to a rich Islamic past in Mali. However, given the connection between the events in Libya and Mali; then can the Nigerian government trust Western and Gulf powers given their collective role in destabilizing this part of Africa?

In Iraq this nation knows all about terrorism and the role of Gulf nations in sowing the seeds of sectarianism and hatred. The Shia and Kurds especially suffered during the rule of Saddam Hussein but during the Iran-Iraq war this didn’t overtly worry regional Gulf nations and political elites in London and Washington. Therefore, the government of Saddam Hussein served its purpose for many years but new chapters can be re-written at the drop of a hat and in time he became a victim of trusting former allies.

Since the demise of Saddam Hussein the vacuum was filled by Islamist terrorist groups and now the crisis in Syria is giving Islamists a fresh momentum. Of course, Sunni Islamist sectarianism entered the vacuum because this parasite exists within the Islamist agenda. This reality led to over 50% of all Christians fleeing Iraq and vast numbers of Shia Muslims have been killed because of major sectarian attacks. Like usual innocent Sunni Muslims are expendable to Islamist jihadists therefore all communities have suffered because of the reality of terrorism in Iraq. The United States and its allies are clearly to blame for enabling the terrorist and sectarian angle to grow out of control in Iraq. It is also well known that many channels exist within the Gulf region which is fueling this hatred because of their sectarian agenda. Equally important, important Islamist terrorist factions and the ruling elites within the feudal monarchies of the Gulf both hate the concept of democracy therefore they have a common enemy.

After all, modernity and democracy would render these feudal monarchies to be obsolete and Islamists would also be put on the back-foot by the winds of progress. Therefore, many forces want to see Iraq fail but just like September 11 – made and created by mainly Saudi nationals – it appears that feudal Gulf monarchs have a free hand. The upshot is that America helped to create a failed unity state in Iraq and now this nation is blighted by terrorism just like Afghanistan, parts of Pakistan and Syria. Of course, for America, and other powers which intervene, they can always pull out and go back home or fund mayhem from a distance. However, for the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo (applies to the Serbian minority and other minorities), Libya, northern Pakistan, Syria – and others – they are left to face the horrendous consequences.

Syria is the latest victim of the intrigues of NATO and Gulf powers which are collectively sanctioning terrorism, sectarianism and sedition against this nation. Indeed, in the past NATO powers based in Ankara, London, Paris and Washington did their deeds either by using air power or by supporting self created insurgencies in North Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and parts of the Balkans. Yet during the ongoing crisis in Syria you now have a NATO power which is allowing terrorists from Chechnya and many other nations to actually utilize the land of a NATO member. This applies to the government of Erdogan in Turkey because it is abundantly clear that Northern Syria is being penetrated because of the covert reality of this nation. Therefore, the institution of NATO is being tainted from head-to-toe because Turkey isn’t being ostracized for this reality. On the contrary, it is being supported from a distance in London, Paris and Washington. In this sense, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are more honest because they aren’t hiding their support for international terrorists and spreading sectarianism when it comes to Syria. However, what does this tell us about the so-called democracies of America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom? Likewise, the institution of NATO is doing nothing to stop international jihadists from entering Turkey and then moving to Syria in order to spread sectarianism, terrorism and sedition. Therefore, what does this tell us about the role of NATO and similarly what does this say about the institution of NATO when a member state is allowed to become a conduit for international terrorists?

The United States and its unrealistic policy towards Syria can be seen by Washington deeming the Al Nusrah Front as being a terrorist organization. This is based on the al-Qaeda connection and the same thought patterns which are shared by these Islamist groups which rule by terrorism and other brutal realities.

Bill Roggio comments that The other two major groups involved in Aleppo’s Sharia council are the Ahrar al-Sham, a Syrian Salafist-jihadist group, and the Tawhid Brigade, which is said to be the largest fighting group in Aleppo. The Tawhid Brigade is also part of the Free Syrian Army, which is often held up by the West as a secular military force (it is anything but, given how closely it works with the Al Nusrah Front in multiple theaters in Syria). Even the head of the Syrian Opposition Council, which backs the Free Syrian Army, opposes the US government’s designation of the Al Nusrah Front as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.”

Syria continues to be destabilized by many outside nations which are supplying military arms, supporting Salafi Islamist indoctrination, enabling international jihadists to enter Syria and a host of other brutal realities. The upper echelons in Ankara, Doha, London, Paris, Riyadh and Washington are involved in linking military channels in order to support the many terrorist factions in Syria alongside many covert operations. The result of this is daily carnage, car bombings, religious cleansing, sowing the seeds of sectarianism, destroying the infrastructure, creating poverty and weakening the last major Arabic speaking secular nation in the Middle East. Therefore, just like the people of Afghanistan and Iraq have witnessed past policy failures by the usual players – then sadly, Syria is now facing the same reality whereby a central state is being attacked by many dark forces.

The recent terrorist attacks in Iraq, Nigeria and Syria are based on many different and complex factors. However, if the government of Nigeria looks at the factors behind the destabilization of Mali and the role of Gulf nations in spreading militant Islam throughout parts of Africa; then can this nation trust Western and Gulf powers when it comes to foreign policy?  Iraq, which knows about the reality of Islamist terrorism because of the ongoing threat of this dark force within this country; is clearly aghast by the policies of powerful NATO powers and nations throughout the Gulf which are siding with sectarianism, terrorism and sedition against Syria. This reality means that terrorist attacks no longer mean anything in parts of the West and throughout the Gulf because it is only condemned based on selfish internal policies. Equally alarming, terrorism is being sanctioned by many nations which seek to crush independent Syria.


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