Iraq and Syria: US “have been allied with ISIS in Syria” reports Rand Paul

Iraq and Syria: US “have been allied with ISIS in Syria” reports Rand Paul

Nawal Soueif and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Al Qaeda affiliates and various Takfiri terrorist groups have been emboldened by the Obama administration in America alongside the usual culprits throughout the Gulf and NATO. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and other brave politicians in America are aghast by the bizarre policies being implemented in the corridors of power in Washington. Therefore, the current power vacuum based on the destabilizing policies of powerful Gulf and NATO powers is threatening the sovereignty of Iraq, Libya and Syria respectfully.

In other words, a re-run of Afghanistan becoming a failed state based on the intrigues of Western and Gulf powers – along with Pakistan – after supporting various terrorist groups in the 1980s and 1990s, is now in full swing in various parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Over thirty years of meddling in Afghanistan culminates in women being forced into the shadows, apostates facing death, daily terrorism, greater divisions in society, a potent narcotic problem and turning the clock back to “year zero.” On top of this, Pakistan destabilized itself alongside supporting Takfiri and militant groups in Kashmir against India.

Turning the clock forward to the so-called “Arab Spring” and it is clear that the Obama administration and willing partners in London and Paris have sided with al-Qaeda affiliates, mercenaries, sectarian forces and brutal militias in Libya and Syria respectively. Indeed, in Egypt the Obama administration was a willing partner in the Muslim Brotherhood experiment and the same applies to connections in Libya, Tunisia and Syria respectively. Other willing partners in the Muslim Brotherhood experiment apply notably to the intrigues of Turkey, the United Kingdom and Qatar. Therefore, when Coptic Christian churches were being demolished in Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers, it was more than apparent that America was more concerned about the political rights of the Muslim Brotherhood based on the intrigues of Obama.

Rand Paul, and a few other brave politicians in America, is increasingly disillusioned by a power mechanism being used in the corridors of power in Washington. This applies to sinister forces supporting covertly – or sometimes openly, based on the manipulation of the mass media. Given this reality, Rand Paul spoke out against the brutal reality that Iraq is being endangered by the policies of the Obama administration.

Rand Paul states: “I think we have to understand first how we got here… I think one of the reasons why ISIS has been emboldened is because we have been arming their allies. We have been allied with ISIS in Syria.”

He continues by stating: “We have been fighting alongside al Qaeda, fighting alongside ISIS”

The conclusion of this reality according to Rand Paul is that “ISIS is now emboldened and in two countries. But here’s the anomaly. We’re with ISIS in Syria. We’re on the same side of the war. So, those who want to get involved to stop ISIS in Iraq are allied with ISIS in Syria. That is real contradiction to this whole policy.”

Rand Paul doesn’t support either side in Syria but he is fully aware that it is the friends of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom that are endangering the Christians of Iraq and Syria respectfully. Of course, other minorities like the Alawites in Syria and the Shia in both nations (the Shia are in a majority in Iraq) suffer enormous persecution based on brutal massacres and countless acts of terrorism. Similarly, indigenous Sunni Muslim clerics are opposed to Gulf Takfiri and Salafi thought patterns therefore Takfiri fanatics also kill and persecute Sunni Muslim clerics in Syria.

Iraq is once more unraveling because of the intrigues of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Likewise, the leader of Iraq firmly points the finger at Qatar and Saudi Arabia when it comes to the growth of ISIS and other sectarian and Takfiri forces.

Rand Paul rightly states that “If we were to get rid of Assad” then the brutal outcome would be a “a jihadist wonderland in Syria.”



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