Japan Art and Henmi Takashi: New Tokyo (1928-1932)

Japan Art and Henmi Takashi: New Tokyo (1928-1932)

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Henmi Takashi (1895-1944) was born in Wakayama in the region of Kansai. However, he is associated with Tokyo and became a stunning sosaku hanga (creative print) printmaker.

He was involved in the One Hundred Views of New Tokyo along with Maekawa Senpan, Un’ichi Hiratsuka, Kawakami Sumio, Koshiro Onchi, Suwa Kanenori, Sakuichi Fukazawa, and Fujimori Shizou. 

The British Museum says, “He is best known for his thirteen contributions to ‘One Hundred New Views of Tokyo’, marked like much of his work by a gently atmospheric style, with generally lonely figures in townscapes. The early deaths of Tanaka and his close friend the poet Ote Takuji (1887-1934) left his work with a pronounced melancholy…”

Amazingly – given his atmospheric and thought-provoking style – Henmi had to focus on other forms of work to survive economically.

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