Japan art and Hishida Shunsō: A life cut short

Japan art and Hishida Shunsō: A life cut short

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Hishida Shunsō (1874-1911) hails from Japan. He was born during the Meiji Period that witnessed momentous changes throughout society. However, if you focus on the art of Shunsō, tranquility flows naturally in his art.

Shunsō sadly died at a relatively young age. Despite this, he made a deep artistic impression in Japan. Therefore, even today, his art appeals greatly to people from all age groups and walks of life.

The Adachi Museum of Art says, “Hishida Shunso was born in Nagano Prefecture. He studied under Okakura Tenshin and Hashimoto Gaho in the Tokyo Fine Art School. In 1898, he participated in the establishment of the Japan Art Institute. Alongside Yokoyama Taikan, he was devoted to the creation of a new style of Japanese paintings that illustrated keen senses, foresight, and intelligence. He accomplished this through the use of many techniques such as morotai method (vague style of painting). After the decline of the Institute, he created many masterpieces for the Ministry of Education Fine Arts Exhibitions. In 1911, he died at a young age and was sorely missed by all.”

Shunsō painted various art themes that are extremely broad. He studied under Tenshin and Gaho. However, in this article, the emphasis is on nature.

In another article, I comment, “In the shadow of death, Shunsō worked tirelessly when his health permitted. Hence, in moments of pain – and the ticking clock – each view of nature looked even more exquisite!”

Overall, his art concerning landscapes and animals – notably cats – install a sense of refined beauty. Hence, Shunsō is fondly remembered in his native land.



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