Russia condemns NATO and US: You expanded NATO to the east – Japan and South Korea

Russia condemns NATO and US: You expanded NATO to the eastJapan and South Korea

Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin is increasingly agitated by the United States and nations that are blindly following Washington – from Japan to the United Kingdom. China also is increasingly disillusioned by the administration of President Joe Biden. This concerns endless anti-China rhetoric coming out of Washington – followed by the predictable boomerang in London, Tokyo, and others.

Putin said, “They told us in the 1990s: not an inch to the East. What is the result? They cheated us. They simply impudently cheated us with NATO’s five waves of expansion. Now the corresponding systems are appearing already in Romania and Poland.”

Putin continued, “Have we approached the borders of the United States or Britain? They have approached ours. And now they say ‘Ukraine will also be a NATO member.’ Consequently, their [weapon] systems will emerge there.”

Ominously, Putin said, “But it is you that must provide guarantees. You must do that at once, now, and not keep talking about this for decades.”

Since the demise of the Soviet Union, the United States and its allies helped to dismantle Yugoslavia – and destabilized Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The Libya debacle – like other destabilization policies – led to mass immigration, failed states, expansion of Islamist terrorism, and the entire Sahel in Africa is suffering from the ongoing convulsions.

Similarly, Western powers utilized delicate situations in several nations in the east of Europe – for example, Ukraine. While, prior to this, ratlines via Turkey and Georgia enabled Chechen Islamists to spread terror in Chechnya (the Russian Federation) and throughout the Caucasus that led to the Beslan massacre of many children in North Ossetia. Therefore, with other intrigues – from energy curtailments and pressure on other nations to bypass supplies from the Russian Federation – to sanctions from NATO nations – the anti-Moscow angle is never-ending.

Putin said, concerning Ukraine, that this nation “…has declared Russians living on this territory, on their own territory, a non-indigenous people – just like the Poles, the Hungarians, and the Romanians… they are simply squeezing Russians and the Russian-speaking population from their historical territories.”

Japan and South Korea

Unlike South Korea, despite South Korea also having American military bases, Japan is too involved in America’s intrigues. This notably concerns the containment of China. However, with America endlessly implementing anti-Russian Federation policies, Japan is being dragged into the web of Washington by stealth. Hence, concerning Taiwan, Japan is emboldened by America’s increasing anti-China sentiment to now view Taiwan to be a national security concern for Japan.

If elites in Beijing or Washington overstretch themselves – and the worst-case scenario develops – Japan will be dragged into America’s tangled web, unlike South Korea. Therefore, despite America having military bases throughout Japan and South Korea, the ruling elites in South Korea have kept a distance from America’s anti-China and anti-Russian Federation policies.

So far, it appears that South Korea’s military modernization program and its even-handed approach to all nations throughout Northeast Asia is serving the national security interests of South Korea. However, increasing nationalism within the corridors of power in Tokyo is endangering the internal national security of Japan by involving itself in Taiwan and other anti-China issues based on appeasing America.

It is hoped that Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan will take a more nuanced approach. If so, he would do well to follow the example of South Korea.


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