Japan art and Maekawa Senpan

Japan art and Maekawa Senpan

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Maekawa Senpan (1888-1960) was born during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). Initially, he studied oil painting under the acclaimed Asai Chū – one of several instructors – at the Kansai Art Academy. However, Maekawa is known for his sosaku hanga (creative prints).

The Portland Art Museum says, “Maekawa’s real name was Ishida Jûzaburô 石田重三郎. He studied oil painting at the Kansai Art Academy (Kansai Bijutsu In) in Kyoto, where one of his instructors was Asai Chū. He became an illustrator and cartoonist to support himself, and in 1911 he moved to Tokyo to work for Puck 東京パック社, a satiric periodical. He taught himself to make woodblock prints and exhibited in the first art show of the Sōsaku Hanga Kyōkai in 1919. Although Maekawa was the oldest of the artists in the group, his progressive views made his work modern.”

In the art piece above, a young farming lady is outside – and looking very cold. Her cheeks are rosy red. However, her folded arms appear out of place with the natural image of a young farming lady, who surely would be better prepared for the weather conditions. Therefore, this art piece is welcoming and with a sense of mystery.

The prints by Minami Kunzō (1883-1950) inspired him during the late Meiji Period. Accordingly, Maekawa experimented with art and taught himself sosaku hanga.

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