Japan Art and Masamoto Mori: Landscapes and Buddhist Pagoda

Japan Art and Masamoto Mori: Landscapes and Buddhist Pagoda

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Masamoto Mori produced stunning prints during the post-war period in Japan.

Astonishingly, given the style of his shin hanga (new prints), very little information is known about him. Indeed, apart from the year of his birth being 1912 and his shin hanga being published by Adachi Publishing, little else is known.

The first two prints depict Mount Asama and Lake Taisho in the early morning.

They highlight the abundant quality of his printmaking skills. Accordingly, it baffles why so little is known about Masamoto Mori.

The final print highlights the stunning beauty of the Kofukuji (Kohfukuji) Buddhist temple. This famous Buddhist temple continues to attract Buddhist pilgrims and tourists to Nara.

The Kohfukuji website says, “Its story begins in 669, when Kagami no Ōkimi (d. 683) founded a Buddhist chapel, Yamashinadera, in modern-day Kyoto Prefecture to pray for the recovery of her husband Fujiwara no Kamatari (614–669) from illness. In the wake of the Jinshin Rebellion of 672, the temple was moved to Umayasaka in Nara Prefecture (where it was renamed Umayasakadera), and then relocated to its present site at the time of the establishment of the Heijō Capital (now the city of Nara) in 710. Under the patronage of Kamatari’s son, the great statesman Fujiwara no Fuhito (659–720), the temple was renamed Kohfukuji, “the Temple that Generates Blessings,” in reference to a Buddhist scripture called the Vimalakīrti Sutra.”


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